BMW i4 2022: 523 HP & 300 Miles Range

BMW continues to follow suit when it comes to electromobility. Now, for the first time, the manufacturer has shown the production vehicle of the BMW i4 without camouflage. We have pictures and current information for you.

BMW is stepping on the gas when it comes to electromobility and will be launching the i4 as well as the next, which is coming soon. Now the manufacturer has shown the series vehicle for the first time. The first electric Gran Coupé will not lack space and functionality.

BMW i4 2022


It is not yet known what the BMW i4 will cost. The market launch should take place in 2022, when exactly will be announced in the next few weeks.

BMW i4 2022 Engine

The i4 should be a premium mid-range vehicle and arrive at the very core of the brand. This makes the i4 elegant, dynamic and sporty at the same time. The i4 will be available in different versions, making ranges of up to 590 kilometers possible. With an output of 530PS, the i4 should accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in four seconds. Also, there is talk of a top speed of over 200 km / h. Thus, the i4 will be the electric counterpart to the 4 Series Gran Coupé.

BMW i4 2022

The driving behavior will certainly take getting used to, at least as far as the sound is concerned. The i4 develops its power almost silently. But you don’t have to do without sound entirely – you just have to get used to it. Under the label, BMW IconicSounds Electrics, a special sound for BMW electric vehicles was developed by none other than composer Hans Zimmer together with the BMW Sound Designer.


As the pictures of the i4 show, you will be very elegant on the road with the electric Gran Coupé. Overall, the i4 looks powerful, self-confident, and modern. As you would expect from a Gran Coupe, the i4 will also have a long wheelbase, short overhangs, and a hatchback-like roofline. But despite the powerful engines, it is not only sporty but thanks to four doors it is also suitable for everyday use and functional.

BMW i4 2022

The i4 is recognizable as an electric car through color accents in blue, which can be found on the front, the side, and the rear. The closed kidney grille and special, aerodynamically styled rims also indicate an electric car.

The new design of the next generation of BMW e-cars is particularly evident when you look at the front of the i4. It is distinctive and the closed kidney now serves as an intelligence area in which a wide variety of sensors have been installed. With the headlights, too, BMW is breaking new ground and reducing the design to the essentials. At the rear, the blue e-car elements are picked up where the tailpipes would otherwise be.

BMW i4 2022

BMW i4 2022 Interior

Pictures of the interior of the production model have not yet been published, but a look inside the concept vehicle shows a successful mixture of modernity and simplicity. There is nothing here that does not necessarily belong in it and focuses on driving. The curved display is strongly geared towards the driver and takes up a large part of the dashboard in front of the driver. You won’t find any buttons or switches here, because the controls are all on the display and are operated by touch.

BMW i4 2022

Overall, one has the impression that the i4 is quite luxurious, although everything is very reduced. But accents such as the copper-colored strips and design elements enhance the interior enormously, even without a lot of frills.

If you take a seat in the rear, you won’t be able to complain about a lack of space. You almost feel like you are in a lounge, in a modern and structured ambiance.

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