BMW i7: With New Technologies, it can come in 2022

The iX3 has only just come onto the market and the electrification at BMW continues, right up to the luxury class sedan. An BMW i7 seems to be planned, so an electric 7 Series. The still heavily glued test car drove in front of the camera. We have the latest information about the i7 for you.

The Munich-based flagship, the BMW 7 Series, will also get a fully electric version with the name i7 in addition to the classic drives for the next model change. Now there are the first recordings of the electric premium sedan, which then has to prevail against the Mercedes EQS.

If it doesn’t necessarily have to be a luxury car and you don’t want to wait any longer until the i7 is available, you can now send yourself offers for an electric car or a BMW plug-in hybrid and compare:

Prices and the start of sales

BMW i7
BMW i7

We’ll have to wait quite a while for the i7 because the premiere of the electric sedan will only take place in 2022. The new generation of the BMW 7 Series is likely to come onto the market at the same time. Prices are currently still difficult to estimate because the 7 Series is already moving at quite dizzying heights. The current plug-in version of the 7 Series starts at a price of almost 99,600 euros, the electric version is sure to be a lot more expensive.

Engines and driving behavior

For the i7, BMW will use a completely new platform, probably the one that is already used for the next. There are currently only rumors about motorization, but they are tough. Allegedly, BMW wants to make the i7 particularly powerful and give it up to 650 electric horsepower. This means that the i7 would replace the most powerful 7-series version with a 6.6-liter V12 in the M760i.

BMW i7
BMW i7

The range is also speculation because with a full charge the i7 should probably come up to an enormous 644 kilometers. It remains to be seen whether this will be confirmed in the end.

BMW i7 Exterior design

The i7 is so strongly glued that you can’t see anything for sure. However, assumptions can already be made, especially about the headlights. Here we assume narrow headlights that are also positioned lower than previously on the 7 Series. That would mean a new direction of design for BMW, but maybe we will be pissed off by the designers and the camouflage is designed so confusing.

There are cameras all over the outside of the i7 if you look closely. This indicates that the i7 is packed with the latest technology, just as it is with the new 7 series models. A strong focus could also be placed on the topic of autonomous driving, we will probably only find out more over time.

BMW i7 Interior and trunk

There are no pictures of the interior of the i7 yet. As it should be for a luxury limousine, however, we assume an enormous amount of comfort, high-quality workmanship, and a lot of luxurious details, as we are already used to from the 7 Series. You will certainly be able to expect the very latest infotainment technology, loads of assistance systems and certainly one or the other novelty.

The current 7 Series has a trunk volume of 515 liters. The electric version may still have a few liters more space in the luggage compartment.

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