BMW M2 2022: New Details & New Photos (G87)

Details and photos of the BMW M2 2022 are in our news. Around a year after the premiere of the new BMW 2 Series Coupé G42 next year, we are also expecting the market launch of the second generation of a compact sports car icon: the new BMW M2 G87 is set to continue a short but already impressive success story. The footsteps to be followed are big because the current M2 has made it from scratch to become the M GmbH bestseller.

The recipe for success should therefore not be shaken in the second generation either: some performance ingredients from M3 and M4 are put into a more compact case, with one or the other particularly expensive high-tech gimmick given the price.

The result should again generate worldwide enthusiasm in 2022 and offer a unique combination of measurable performance, tangible driving fun, and an attractive price. What the rear of the new BMW M2 G87 will look like is already pretty clear: Based on a few leak photos of the 2 Series G42 and the current design language of the M3 and M4, bmw43__create a Photoshop draft that should already give a good impression of the actual look of the compact athlete.

The sight is characterized by a completely new and therefore very unique taillight design within the BMW range, a powerful diffuser, four tailpipes, and a centrally flattened spoiler lip. In the case of the M2, the dark carbon roof should only be available for an extra charge, so that the basic price of the compact sports car can remain well below the M4.

BMW M2 2022

Even more exciting than the question of the rear is currently that of the front of the BMW M2 G87: If one assumes that M GmbH also wants to differentiate its entry-level performer from the production model as clearly as the M3 and M4, it is radically changed, Kidney count. It would not be a surprise if details such as the recently introduced horizontal double struts were adopted. But it is also conceivable that M GmbH deliberately lets the M2 appear a little less controversial to leave the drivers of M3 and M4 not only measurably more performance but also the undisputed more impressive appearance.

As with the current M2, the second generation will keep a good distance from the M3 and M4 in terms of performance. While the mid-range models are starting with 480 and 510 hp, the new BMW M2 could start with 420 to 440 hp. If a more powerful BMW M2 Competition with over 450 hp is offered right at the market launch, nobody should be really surprised with a view to the recent double premieres of the Garching company.

It remains to be seen whether the new M2, like the M3 and M4, M5 will also be available with a manual six-speed gearbox or whether an eight-speed automatic sports transmission will be the only option. The goal of a puristic driving experience and a low base price speak clearly in favor of the manual switch, on the other hand, the increasingly strict CO2 limits and the purchasing behavior of most customers also provide good arguments for concentrating on a sporty automatic transmission.

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