BMW M4 CSL spotted on test drive

As it stands, we can count on a top-performance model of the M4. The BMW M4 CSL seems to be on test drives. We have pictures and information for you. Is the name CSL returning? It could be for a limited, 550 hp version of the BMW M4 …

  • 2023 M4 CSL spotted
  • Lighter, racetrack-optimized Porsche 911 GT3 the alternative
  • Aggressive aerodynamic additions
  • Power could be increased to 550 hp
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Improved suspension setup
  • Restrained interior
  • Limited production run likely
  • Comes on the market at the end of 2022
  • The price could be around € 129,000

Is that an upcoming M4 CSL? It seems likely that a track-optimized version of the M4 that can take on the Porsche 911 GT3 is on the way.

Although these three letters only appeared on two vehicles – the 3.0 CSL and the M3 CSL – they have long been one of the most famous among performance cars, so this M4 has big jobs to do.

Design and aerodynamics

Despite the strong camouflage, you will quickly find out that this is not a normal BMW M4. Most noticeable is the huge splinter attached to the front bumper with aggressive bulges on both sides for the extra downforce at high speed.


The slats in the radiator grille have also disappeared and have been replaced by a few rods on this BMW M4 CSL prototype. However, it may be more of a test model than a production model.

Likely, new headlights are also hiding behind this prototype, so its appearance is a possible spearhead for an upcoming facelift of the BMW 4 Series and M4. The BMW M4 CSL prototype features more aggressive side skirts that improve airflow and a larger duck tail-style rear spoiler.

BMW M4 CSL Engines

The M4 CSL is expected to receive through its 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six a decent performance increase over the 510 hp of the existing M4 Competiton, possibly even up to 550 hp. The torque could also increase from 650 Nm to maybe 700 Nm.

Although the BMW M4 is also available with all-wheel drive, the CSL will likely be based on the rear-wheel-drive to keep the weight down and reassure the purists. However, it will continue to use an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Chassis and weight reduction

Although the increase in performance is a key element of the BMW M4 CSL, improvements to the chassis and weight savings are likely to be even more important to challenge the Porsche 911 GT3.


Expect additional landing gear struts, tougher types, and more aggressive landing gear. The current BMW M4 Competition weighs 1,800 kg, the weight of the CSL could drop below 1,700 kg.


The interior of the M4 CSL will be quite reduced compared to the normal M4. There’s likely Alcantara and carbon fiber everywhere, less soundproofing, and maybe even a roll cage in place of the rear seats – similar to the old M4 GTS.

However, an infotainment system should still be in place, perhaps even an expected upgrade as part of the facelift of the entire series to a larger screen.

BMW M4 CSL Price

The M4 CSL is expected to hit the market in late 2022, along with a refreshed 4 Series and M4 range. The price will likely skyrocket compared to the regular M4 as it will almost certainly be a limited edition. Expect a price of around 129,000 euros.

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