BMW M5 CS 2022: Most powerful BMW M ever

BMW has released all the data and a multitude of images of the BMW M5 CS this morning. The current generation M5 has been on the market for some time and, as in the case of the entire 5 Series family, has received some slight changes through this restyling. Be careful, it becomes the most powerful BMW M in history, with no less than 635 hp.

As we pointed out in the title of this article, it is a CS. It is a very exclusive limited series and very focused on maximum sportiness, but without losing the luxury that also characterizes these vehicles. Without a doubt, a collector’s item that anyone would like to have in their garage. Let’s learn more about all its details.

Aggression at every angle

Starting with aesthetics, the unity of the images feels spectacular with that Frozen Deep Green metallic tone. Of course, if we forget the color, it is still tremendously striking. The bumpers are very aggressive, due to their huge air intakes and straight lines at the front, as well as the large glossy black diffuser at the rear.

There is no shortage of appendages and aerodynamic details that, without giving an overloaded appearance, greatly increase the sporty impression that this car transmits when stopped. Take a look at the steep hood with air channels, the carbon fiber lips on the front, the gills of the front wings, or the slight spoiler on the boot lid, also in carbon fiber.

BMW M5 CS 2022

Special mention should be made of the forged M wheels, which are 20 inches and with a Y design. They fit standard Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires in sizes 275/35 on the front and 285/35 on the rear. If you look, in some images you can see the carbon-ceramic discs, which are also standard on this BMW M5 CS with six-piston fixed calipers in red. Of course, you have to wear good brakes to stop a car of this caliber.

BMW M5 CS 2022

I didn’t want to forget about the lighting style. At the front, it has BMW Laser headlights with a distinctive yellow illuminated L-shaped line.

Who would say that it derives from a Series 5

It is not just any BMW 5 Series, not even an M5 Competition, but it is a BMW M5 CS. That means maximizing performance, while also creating a more radical environment on the outside and inside. After all, the most time a driver spends is inside his car and not seeing it from the outside. The Bavarian firm is aware of this and has not cut hair in creating an even more beastly cabin.

BMW M5 CS 2022

It is striking that it is a model approved for four seats, and not for five, using four exclusive individual seats. The front M Carbon seats have integrated head restraints and illuminated M5 logos. They are very slim seats with a very sporty style. A curiosity is that they have the Nürburgring circuit printed on the headrest.

Equally remarkable is the entire dashboard, with dark leather and red stitching. And speaking of red, this color creates contrasts in multiple parts of the interior, including areas of the doors, seats, gear knob, and shift paddles. The appearance is dynamic.

BMW M5 CS 2022

The steering wheel is upholstered in Alcantara, with the traditional central brand in the upper part in red. The ceiling is also upholstered in this material. The aforementioned paddles are made of carbon fiber, with a very racing look. Finally, in a BMW M5 CS, you cannot miss the seat belts with the blue and red tones typical of BMW M.

BMW M5 CS and its most effective technique

The brand comments that the new BMW M5 CS has been developed on the chassis of the M5 Competition, also modifying springs, shock absorbers, and stabilizer bars. In theory, it should be more precise and agile to the limit. To do this, they have also taken into account that the car is now a little lighter, as well as that the tires will give a better grip in the dry.

Regarding the transmission, this version mounts the variable and customizable M xDrive system. The driver can choose between 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD modes that completely disconnect the front end. That is to say, in the latter mode, it behaves like a pure rear-wheel drive. There are also modes for adaptive suspension and engine response, shift, and steering; as well as different levels of electronic intrusion to allow greater or lesser slipping on the asphalt.

BMW M5 CS 2022

But the most prominent part is always the engine, the heart of any car. It equips the most powerful engine from BMW M GmbH. It is the 4.4-liter V8 seen in other M variants, but taking its power to 635 hp at 6,000 laps. The maximum torque is no less than 750 Nm between 1,800 and 5,950 revolutions.

This means that we have a usable engine from very low, showing a lot of power throughout the rev range. And watch out, because this eight-cylinder stretches to no less than 7,200 rpm, which is said soon.

Together, the 635 hp V8 engine, the M Steptronic gearbox, and the M xDrive system allow this speedy BMW M5 CS to go from 0 to 100 in just 3 seconds. If this doesn’t surprise you, maybe it will do the 0 to 200 km / h in just 10.4 seconds. To this must be added that its maximum speed is 305 km / h, but beware, electronically limited!


At the moment, the specific date on which it will reach Spanish dealers is not known, nor is the exact number of units that will be available in Spain. Similarly, the official price of this spectacular BMW M5 CS has not yet been confirmed, but we can already anticipate that it will be suitable for the very few lucky ones. And it is that we remember, before the most powerful BMW M in history; And that is a lot to say.

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