BMW M5 Hybrid Spotted On Test Drive

After BMW unveiled the mid-career restyling of the M5 supersport sedan in June 2020, it began developing the next generation M5 shortly thereafter, and now you have the result of the new project: here are the first images of the most powerful 5 Series ever built. The prototype takes on the role of the hybrid car (the stickers on the sides testify to this), which confirms the announcement made by Markus Fläsch, CEO of BMW M, who in 2021 declared that the new generation BMW M5 would be available as an electrified car.

According to insiders, the future BMW M5 will arrive in 2024, one year after the new generation 5 Series (BMW G60). The plug-in hybrid engine could have a petrol V8 configuration and two electric motors for a total power of around 750 hp and a torque of 1,000 Nm. The same powertrain will be placed under the hood of the upcoming BMW XM – or, if you prefer, the X8

100% electric BMW M5 not in the plan for now

The debut of a fully electric BMW i5M model may not be possible at this point because it would need significantly more advanced battery technology, which BMW would have access to in 2025 with a completely new construction architecture. In addition, the batteries should become lighter, to offer dynamic performance similar to that of the twin with a conventional engine. Until then, BMW’s sports division will work on existing PHEV and electric variants such as the iX M60.

Great multimedia system

On the infotelematic side, the new generation M5 could contain the latest technological features of the German manufacturer such as the BMW Curved Display (fully digital instrument cluster and perfectly integrated central touchscreen), BMW iDrive 8.0BMW Digital Key Plus with technology ultra-broadband (Digital Key 3.0), etc.

As regards assistance and safety systems, at least level 2 autonomous driving should be integrated with highway travel and autonomous parking functions. They will likely be devices a bit less coveted by future owners of such a cruiser, capable of going from city cobblestones to circuit curbs without pleating. Rendering:Autobild

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