BMW unveils two concept electric vehicles

BMW’s business is neither in bicycles nor in individual micro-mobility vehicles, but it makes its proposals for the cities of the future. There are two proposals that BMW has just made in this regard, on the one hand, the DYNAMIC CARGO tricycle, and on the other hand, the CLEVER COMMUTE folding scooter, both aided by electric motors.

The DYNAMIC CARGO concept vehicle is a hybrid between a two-wheel bicycle and a cargo tricycle, with the front end capable of leaning and connected to the rear axle, which with its two wheels does not lean. This solution brings the sensation of riding a normal bicycle closer to the cyclist, but with more stability and without perceiving the load carried with the same intensity.

BMW has defined it as “the first dynamic pick-up cargo bike” The two rear wheels are animated by an electric motor when pedaling begins. On them, there is a platform on which different modules can be adapted: to carry a child, to carry a load, to carry a surfboard, etc. In other words, it is a modular solution. It can also have a weather protection module, so it can be used -in principle- all year round.

On the other hand, the CLEVER COMMUTE is an evolution of the typical scooter that we see circulating today. It is designed to fold up to the point that it fits in the trunk of any car (even in a MINI, but transversely), fits into any public transport, and can even be carried comfortably on escalators while transferring.


The folding mechanism is very ingenious, the footplates open upwards, leaving a gap in which the rear wheel fits. Thus, being the distance between axes shortened, the dimensions of the folded object are minimal and it maintains its ability to roll as if it were a suitcase. The motor is integrated into the front wheel.

The designers sought in this concept vehicle the maximum comfort when making intermodal trips, such as from the car to public transport, and from this to the door of where you intend to go. Both in this vehicle and the previous one, the batteries are removable, so they can be taken home and charged comfortably, without the need for plugs near the scooter.

Unfortunately, we do not have any technical data on them. Neither the DYNAMIC CARGO nor the CLEVER COMMUTE will be manufactured by BMW, although the company is in negotiations with potential licensees, who after paying the German manufacturer will be able to start serial production.

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