BMW will use direct selling method like Tesla

From the BMW Group they have already announced when they will execute the change in the sales method towards a direct deal with the client. This has been confirmed by the brand's own financial director.

There have been many brands that have confirmed that in a short period they will switch to the direct sales method, although practically all of them have not given a specific date on which to make this change concerning the current formula. However, it has been the financial director of BMW, Nicolas Peter, who has made the first approach to modify its commercial structure and has set a specific date for it

In Peter’s latest statements, the person in charge not only emphasizes that the brand intends to take this path, but that they are already working on it through conversations with the distributors themselves. In the case of accepting the dates indicated by the director of the German company, both BMW and MINI could be the first “historical” brands to get rid of the sales model with intermediaries. 

The new way of selling will initially arrive at MINI in the year 2024. Subsequently, BMW will do the same in the year 2026. At the moment, the company has not given specific details on how the change will be carried out, although Peter himself clarified that “it is not an easy step.” 

Many recently created brands have started their commercial life under this type of sale. Companies like Lucid, Rivian, or  Tesla are proud to have direct communication with the consumer, something that until now, as a general rule, has always been done through an intermediary, in this case, the dealers.

tesla store

Of course, BMW has not been the first to talk about initiating this commercial change, since previously companies such as Mercedes-Benz or Ford, among others, have also done the same.

How does it change compared to the current model? Practically everything. Through the new sales method, dealerships would become mere vehicle delivery points or information points where you can see the car in person. All this results in sales, in an economy, and a product directly controlled by the brand. In this way the fluctuation in the price of some cars disappears, thus presenting a final invoice closed by the company itself. 

So is it possible that some dealerships will be forced to close? If we refer to the method used by Tesla, its distribution points (not dealers) are much more spread over specific areas of the territory (there are fewer), since its presence should not be as prominent as it has been up to now. One of the alternatives that BMW could offer for some centers will be to present itself as a space in which to buy second-hand vehicles offered directly by the brand

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In any case, BMW should give more details on how it will use its new sales method in the coming months, to put it into circulation from 2024 for MINI. However, let us remember that this brand, in most cases, shares space with the BMW dealers themselves, so it can be directly compared between one type of marketing or another.

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