BMW X1 2022: New Details & New Photos

The development process of the third generation of the BMW X1 continues. Once again, a prototype of the long-awaited renewal of BMW’s compact SUV has been photographed in broad daylight. The engineers of the German brand change their location to continue with the road tests.

BMW continues to work at full capacity on the renewal of one of its flagship models. The BMW X1, the access model to the SUV family of the German firm, will soon undergo a comprehensive renovation. More specifically a generational change. The development process of what will be the third generation of the X1 continues. Once again, a test specimen has been sighted in broad daylight.

Thanks to our spy photographers we have a new opportunity to take a look in great detail at a prototype of the BMW X1 2022. Specifically, a prototype of the new generation carrying out tests on a road open to traffic. A type of test that is key to completing different phases of a project as important as the development of a new generation.

The last sighting of the new X1 took place in an idyllic place for lovers of the motor world. The German Nürburgring track. Now, BMW’s team of engineers and test drivers change locations and head to southern Europe to face a new phase. The orography and temperatures that are already registered at this time of year create an ideal environment for testing.

BMW X1 2022

About the photographed unit, the enormous amount of camouflage that it continues to carry is obvious. BMW is determined to hide as much as possible the most distinctive features that the new generation of the X1 will sport. In addition, it maintains some temporary elements that, logically, will not be transferred to the production model that will land at our dealerships.

Despite all the camouflage, we can anticipate that the X1 will undergo a major makeover. This model must be adapted to the new design philosophy that BMW is applying to its new models that are seeing the light of day. It will release light groups (front and rear), the bumpers will be redesigned and the grill will increase its size following the line marked by the latest launches of the company. The new roof and waistline will allow you to show off a more fluid silhouette.

The interior will be redesigned. It will debut digital instrumentation and screen for the infotainment system. BMW has set out to create a warm and comfortable environment. We must bear in mind that, in terms of sales, the X1 is one of the central pillars of the BMW range in Europe. That is why any type of news you receive must be analyzed in detail. And, despite being a best-seller, the X1 must deal in a category where competition is voracious and there is no room for doubt.

The new BMW X1 2022 will bet on electrification

About the mechanical section, the range of engines will be made up of a selection of blocks of three and four cylinders of gasoline and diesel. The light (MHEV) 48-volt hybrid technology will be present to reduce consumption and emissions. There will also be front-wheel drive and xDrive-drive versions. In addition, the plug-in hybrid variant (PHEV) will remain in the portfolio and, for lovers of electric mobility, the introduction of the BMW iX1, a fully electric model, is on the agenda.

When will it hit the market? Development is not over yet but the new X1 is scheduled to be unveiled sometime next year. If all goes according to plan, the first units will land at dealerships in November 2022.

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