BMW X3 2024: Everything we know about the SUV

After the mid-cycle update of the current BMW X3, the Bavarian brand is already working hard on the fourth generation of its compact SUV.

The range of SUV models at BMW has reached such a level that practically every month there is news with renewals, plans, or launches for sale. Not long ago the new generation of the BMW X1 or the renewal of the X7 was unveiled, to put the two most recent examples, and not long ago the German brand presented us with the renewals of the X3 and X4 in its current generation, the third.

Having overcome that mid-cycle barrier of the latest installment of the German compact SUV, BMW can now focus on the development and fine-tuning of the fourth generation, which is expected not before the fall of the year 2024. As you can see, there are still a few years left for its arrival on the roads, but beware: the first camouflaged vehicles have already been seen. Specifically, in the tasks of loading and unloading a truck in a parking lot.

For the first time, the first units prepared for the development of the fourth generation of the BMW X3 have been photographed. Of course, loaded to the top with camouflage: so much so that it barely reveals its most distinctive features. For example, it is implied that the front grille, with the classic double kidneys, will not vary much in size. That is, it will not be an extreme exercise as we have seen in the latest BMW 4 Series, where the kidneys are much more prominent.

It is to be expected, then, given the first two test units, that the fourth generation of the BMW X3 is more of an evolution than a revolution in itself. In the design section, it will follow the canons of the brand’s new design line, seen in the latest X7 or X1, with cleaner surfaces and, perhaps, with a slightly smaller size than the current generation. Although yes: the units seen with camouflage seem to correspond to the “M” sports versions, seen the exhaust outlets at the rear.

BMW X3 2024

It will have, according to the first forecasts, a mechanical range similar to the current one. The future X3 that we know in 2024 will be, with complete certainty, the last generation of the compact SUV that has combustion engines in its range. In the current offer of the BMW X3, there is no lack of diesel and gasoline versions with micro-hybrid technology from 150 hp, as well as plug-in hybrids, the most sporty ones with the “M” seal and the one hundred percent electric iX3 variant. All these options, as we said, will be replicated in some way in the future X3… and X4, already with a coupé body, with more efficient figures.

Following the customs of BMW to carry out cycles of 7 years between generation and generationit is to be expected that we will not know the new BMW X3 until the next year 2024. The current installment dates from 2017, with the aforementioned “restyling” in 2021. We will tell you all the news as the date on the calendar approaches.

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