Brabus GLE Coupé 900 Rocket Edition: The world’s fastest SUV is born

Brabus, the specialist Mercedes-Benz coach, has just presented his latest and incredible creation. This beast is called the Brabus GLE Coupé 900 Rocket Edition, a series that will be limited to only 25 units and that in addition to boasting an aesthetic in the purest Brabus style, has a heart full of rage that allows it to become the SUV fastest ever.

Already on the front, the large grill with two red slats and the Brabus logo presiding over it, the muscular bumper with huge air intakes, and the sports carbon-fiber splitter make us quickly realize that this device is not at all normal.

The side view, except for its huge 24-inch forged Brabus Monoblock “Platinum Edition” wheels, does not resort to too flashy elements. Its carbon fiber fins together with a fairly discreet skirt are the only novelties that we can observe.

At its rear, we can no longer say the same. The muscular image of the GLE Coupé is accentuated by a huge carbon fiber diffuser, four tailpipes made of titanium and carbon with active sound management, and a subtle rear spoiler also in carbon fiber culminate the attractive and aggressive aesthetics of this apparatus.

Brabus GLE Coupé 900 Rocket Edition interior

Brabus GLE Coupé 900 Rocket Edition interior

The cabin of this Brabus also has a high level of luxury. Fully lined in leather and perforated leather with red stitching, carbon fiber trims, and numerous dark red elements, they create a truly special atmosphere.

Finished the brief analysis of the design, we move on to its mechanical section. Under the hood, this new SUV mounts the same V8 Biturbo engine as the AMG version, although this time with 4.4 liters of displacement, new high-performance turbochargers, forged pistons, and connecting rods, a new crankshaft, and a reprogramming in its control unit.

Brabus GLE Coupé 900 Rocket Edition

Power in abundance

With all this, this machine is planted with a power of 900 hp and a spectacular 1,950 Nm of torque that has been limited to 1,050 Nm. This propellant is transmitted to the 4MATIC + traction and associated with a nine-speed automatic transmission to be able to perform the 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds and to reach a maximum speed of up to 330 km / h, thus becoming the Ultimate SUV.

You can already imagine that the price of this beast is proportional to the record it holds and that if you want to get one, you will have to pay no more and no less than 381,243 euros to which you will have to add the price of the GLE 63 S Coupé, which results in a total figure of 536,543 euros. A figure that the truth is not very suitable for all pockets.

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