BYD sells 100,000 electric cars to Sixt

The first BYD Atto 3 will go to the German car rental company in 2022

German car rental company Sixt will buy 100,000 electric cars from BYD over the next six years. The first cars are to be delivered this year, as the two partners have now officially announced. 

The cooperation between BYD and Sixt begins with a binding order for several thousand purely electric vehicles, the delivery of which is scheduled to begin in 2022. This order is expected to be supplemented by another 100,000 electric cars over the next six years, according to the Chinese automaker. Accordingly, the 100,000 cars are still a non-binding declaration of intent.

Initially, Sixt Germany, Sixt France, Sixt Netherlands, and Sixt Great Britain will be equipped with BYD electric cars. The BYD Atto 3, a compact SUV based on the new ePlatform 3.0 from BYD, will be used first. Other models are to follow.

BYD will launch in the European market this fall. Initially, there will be three models BYD Atto 3, Han, and Tang, of which the Atto 3 is the cheapest model with a presale price of 38,000 euros.

At 4.45 meters long, the Atto 3 is about the same size as a Mercedes EQA. A 150 kW electric motor on the front axle provides the drive, which draws its power from a 60 kWh (gross) battery. This makes 420 km possible according to WLTP.

For comparison: the basic model of the Mercedes EQA offers 10 kW less drive power; the range is noticeably higher at up to 498 km, but the same applies to the price: while the Atto 3 is available at the start for 38,000 euros, Mercedes demands 50,777 euros. The fact that the blade battery works with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which is considered to be particularly durable, could also speak in favor of the BYD models.


In addition to the Atto 3, BYD also offers the electric sedan Han and the seven-seater SUV Tang, both of which cost 72,000 euros to start with. Does that make them too expensive for a car rental company? Not necessarily, because you can also rent luxury models like the BMW 7 Series from Sixt.

“With over a million units produced from January to August 2022, BYD is the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer in the e-mobility sector,” said Vinzenz Pflanzen, who is responsible for vehicle purchasing at Sixt. “The agreement with BYD is an important milestone in fulfilling our promise to put significantly more electric cars on the road.”

Sixt is planning its charging infrastructure

Sixt has announced that it will electrify between 70 and 90 percent of its fleet by 2030. The company wants to offer a wide range of manufacturers and models. The car rental company also wants to set up its charging infrastructure and offer its charging app for hundreds of thousands of public charging points. 

Initially, the agreement between Sixt and BYD only affects Europe. However, an extension to other regions is possible. Sixt is also active outside of Europe, for example in the USA, the Middle East, Africa, New Zealand, and recently also in Australia. 

With around 2,100 branches in around 100 countries, Sixt is one of the largest car rental companies in the world. The company, based in Pullach near Munich, also offers car sharing, ride-hailing, and car subscriptions.

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