Cadillac InnerSpace Concept First Look

General Motors is being, without a doubt, one of the great protagonists of CES 2022. Although most of the novelties that the US group has presented correspond to Chevrolet brand models (Equinox EV, Silverado EV …), there have been some interesting proposals from Cadillac, the conglomerate’s premium firm.

The historic brand, immersed in an electrification process that will culminate in 2030 with the abandonment of internal combustion engines, has revealed during the event the InnerSpace Autonomous Concept prototype, an avant-garde electric and autonomous car called to represent the direction that the company will take. in the next years.

The main characteristic of the InnerSpace Autonomous Concept is that it does not have a steering wheel or any other type of manual control, as Cadillac envisions a future in which cars will be completely autonomous. In other words, this prototype has been conceived as a preview of level 5 autonomous driving.

From an aesthetic point of view, what is most striking about the concept car is its tiny bonnet and its huge panoramic windshield, which combined with the soft drop of the roof gives the vehicle a very characteristic arched profile. Interestingly, the front overhang has been reduced to a minimum, while the rear is oversized.

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept

The Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept has no steering wheel or pedals

This two-seater, which has a tilting dome that facilitates access to the cabin, has a full-width screen that allows passengers to enjoy an augmented reality experience, as it offers advanced infotainment functions while showing what is there around the car.

The seats, which take the form of a luxurious sofa, have retractable footrests; in addition, under the screen, there is a drawer in which blankets and cushions are stored. All vehicle functions are controlled by voice commands, as there is no physical control in the cabin (not even touch surfaces).

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept

How could it be otherwise, the Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept is based on the General Motors Ultium platform, an advanced architecture with great flexibility on which the group will articulate its future zero-emissions range. Its use entails, among other things, the use of a wireless management system for the battery.

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