Chevrolet Corvette SUV may debut in 2025

The automotive industry is undergoing a complete transformation toward the electric car, and this is leading many manufacturers to rethink their strategies almost completely. Many brands were slow to bet on SUVs, and in doing so they have succeeded like Porsche with the Macan or the Cayenne, among many others. And although Ford it was quite daring to make a Mustang SUV, and on top of its electric, the move has turned out well for them and  Chevrolet will do the same with the Corvette.

It is clear that the  Chevrolet Corvette is not going to escape electrification; At the moment the C8 is going to have hybrid versions, but its successor will most likely be fully electric. This has happened – it is already confirmed – with the Dodge Challenger and the Charger, and it will happen little by little with more models. The point is that everything indicates that  Chevrolet will go further, proposing a  high-performance electric sedan Corvette for the middle of the decade that will be focused on competing directly with the Porsche Taycan. And indeed, also a Corvette with an SUV body.

A Chevrolet Corvette with an SUV body, and electric, what do we know about him? 

Ford‘s example, with its  Ford Mustang Mach-e, may have served as a source of inspiration for Chevrolet. Although the blue oval brand has played it, the truth is that it has turned out well and the Mustang Mach-e is a successful model in different markets. So, although the Corvette sedan is expected to arrive first, with fully electric mechanics, there are already reports that General Motors is indeed working on an electric Corvette SUV  that follows, to a certain extent, the guidelines set by the Mustang Mach- and.

At the moment there is no information about this model, simply reports that indicate that it is in development, and nothing more. If we stick to the data published by others, the electric sedan under the Corvette brand should arrive around the year 2025. And if the SUV is going to launch later, it could make its debut before the year 2030. But Chevrolet has not yet commented on the matter, and the details as we pointed out are rather scarce.

Chevrolet Corvette SUV

The most interesting – for us – of all this is that we recently learned that General Motors wants to return to Europe, and do so by betting on electric models. So, if we blindly believe that they are preparing a new electric Corvette SUV, and we trust that their return to Europe strategy comes out correctly, perhaps we will see this model sold in Europe. After all, Ford has its Ford Mustang Mach-e for sale here in Europe, and its sales are excellent.

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