Citroen Ami Buggy Concept Revealed

A few months ago, Citroën organized a route of the Camino de Santiago at the controls of the Citroen Ami. Each stage the small electric quadricycle was driven by a different person who took turns in sections. I got the penultimate one, wherein mistake I put the quad bike on the dirt roads of Monte Faro, whose summit I reached without problems. Now Citroën must have seen the potential after this adventure and has unveiled the Ami Buggy Concept.

Jokes aside, the truth is that the adventure with the Ami in Galicia has been tremendous since the climb to Monte Faro was traditionally used to test the capabilities of some cars due to the hardness of its slopes. That is why reaching the top after a few kilometers along the paths of the parcel has its merit for the vehicle.

That is why this morning when I saw that Citroën presented this concept, I could not help but think that without a doubt this type of application has a lot of potential due to the benefits that the electrical system offers. Even in models with very little power and a small capacity battery like the Ami.

According to Citroën: “ The My Ami Buggy Concept is an invitation for all those who seek to enjoy independent mobility, during their journeys on the roads and coastal paths, to put themselves in the shoes of true explorers. My Ami Buggy Concept imagines a recreational object for weekends, seaside holidays, or country trips, but which will also seduce by its practical aspect. A model that, thanks to its electric traction mode, will move without noise and emissions, an electric pleasure increased by the absence of doors to enjoy movements immersed in the environment and bathed in light thanks to the panoramic roof. “

In this case, the quadricycle adopts offroad elements such as four knobby wheels, which give it a much more nasty appearance and which will allow it to improve its capabilities off the asphalt. An aesthetic that also helps its bumpers, its trims, and headlight protections, with the “chevrons” located in the center. On the roof, the roof rack and spare wheel reinforce the concept’s adventurous spirit. All these elements have been made in black.

Citroen Ami Buggy

The LED lighting bar, located at the front of the roof, brings a spirit of “adventure” to face the night or fog. When the car is stopped, everything refers to an atmosphere of “campfire” thanks to the light offered by the aforementioned bar and the music from the portable speaker.

The doors give way to transparent waterproof fabrics that can be fitted in bad weather in a clear nod to the Méhari. These use a slide lock to close the passenger compartment and have an opening at the top that is reminiscent of the glass doors of classic vehicles. These practical protections can be removed, rolled up, and stored behind the seats, in specific recesses for this purpose.

Citroen Ami Buggy

My Ami Buggy Concept has new Advanced Comfort seat cushions whose foam goes from 35 mm to 70 mm. Combined with memory foam, the result is both soft and soft. They can be easily disassembled and are interchangeable and washable. Its confection, which consists of assembling two structures one on top of the other, is inspired by the design of a life preserver and reminds of the world of beach accessories.

Above the windshield, a visor has been installed giving continuity to the roof to offer protection against adverse weather conditions. In addition, in summer it provides shade when the sun is at its zenith.

The wide “mud” type tires and their matt gold rims allow a good grip on all types of roads and increase stability while improving the appearance of the object.

Citroen Ami Buggy

Despite being a free design, the stylists have maintained the realism and effectiveness of the concept. Fixing some elements has been a challenge for technicians who, on occasions, have had to anchor them directly to the tubular chassis so that they would hold firmly. This is the case of the bumpers and the spare wheel that goes on the roof.

Will they ever make it? Possibly not, but certainly, with a suitable price, it would have its niche in the market.

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