Citroen C5 2023: The popular sedan will be electric?

Citroen has just unveiled its new C5 2023 , a sedan halfway between an SUV, a sedan, and a coupé in which we see features of the new C4 and also of the first DS5. This is the new Citroen flagship.

Today the new flagship of Citroen has just been unveiled, a model that seeks to navigate between two glasses of water so as not to sink into the sedan segment, touched by death in terms of sales in the face of the unstoppable growth of SUVs. The new Citroen C5 thus presents a body of 4.8 meters in length halfway between a sedan, a station wagon, and a crossover.

The truth is that seeing the first images, it seems as if the new Citroen C5 had been conceived in a genetics laboratory in which they mixed DNA from the new C4 and DS 5, with a front and rear that reminds each one respectively.

The truth is that it is a completely new model and, unlike the C4 developed on the CMP platform, the new Citroen C5 is based on the higher platform, the EMP2. Thanks to this, the new Citroen C5 will from the beginning have plug-in hybrid versions with the technology that we have already seen in the C5 Aircross PHEV.

Citroen C5 2023

Citroen nods to its two great sedans from the 1980s and 1990s, the Citroen CX and the Citroën XM by adding an X to the name of the new model. Not only is it a tribute to its predecessors, but it also makes it clear that it is a crossover of species, seeking to ” fit ” both those who are looking for a large family saloon and those who are seduced by the image of an SUV.

The EMP2 platform makes good use of space and thanks to this, the new Citroen C5 promises to be the best in its segment in terms of habitability, especially in the rear seats, where it announces a distance for the knees to the front backrests of 238 mm. The trunk also offers a good capacity figure, with 545 liters and the possibility of increasing them by folding down the rear seatbacks.

Among the technological innovations that the new Citroen C5 presents is its head-up display with augmented reality that facilitates the instructions of the browser and improves safety. Alongside it, Citroen new flagship also offers Highway Driving Assistant, which moves the brand closer to level 2 autonomous driving.

In terms of connectivity, the new Citroen C5 announces its new infotainment system with a 12-inch screen in widescreen format and the My Citroen Drive Plus system that guarantees perfect interaction with the smartphone and various applications, including the one that manages battery recharging and programmable air conditioning in the PHEV versions.

Another novelty is that a further twist is given to the suspension with progressive hydraulic stops. This system, which has proven itself in terms of comfort on both the C4 and C5 Aircross, is improved on the new C5 with the addition of electromagnetic damper hardness control. In this way, it better adapts to the features and needs of the driver, with a more sporty touch or sublimating comfort when desired.

The new Citroen C5 will hit the market at the end of the year, opening the deadline for placing the first orders as early as October. Citroen has chosen China to produce its new top of the range in anticipation that sales in that market will be almost four times what the European market currently demands this type of vehicle.

The interior of the new Citroen C5 stands out, in addition to its spaciousness, for a very clean and welcoming design in which natural and ambient light help create that feeling of space and freedom.

As for engines, the new Citroen C5 will be available with gasoline mechanics from the PureTech family and BlueHDi diesel, offering from its launch the plug-in hybrid with 225 CV of power and front-wheel drive, which is expected to be the most demanded.

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