Citroen e-C4 L: will replace the Citroen C-Elysée 2022

The new Citroën C4 is not a compact to use: although it fits into the C segment, it uses a platform from the B segment, the modular CMP from Stellaris. In addition, its bodywork does not correspond to that of a passenger car or that of an SUV but is rather a kind of fastback crossover line straddling both configurations.

However, the French firm is aware that in some regions such as Turkey or the Maghreb they need a traditional saloon. Therefore, next year the C4 family will be enriched with the arrival of a sedan variant, which will abandon the crossover format of its brother in favor of a more traditional configuration.

The new model will be called C4 L and will be manufactured at the Villaverde plant in Madrid together with the standard variant. Within the Citroën range, this compact four-door will replace the current C-Elysée, a small low-cost saloon manufactured at the Stellantis factory in Vigo together with its twin brother, the Peugeot 301.

Known internally by the C43 code, the Citroën C4 L has been part of Citroën’s production plans since the beginning of the development of the third-generation C4. Initially, it was foreseen that together with the crossover and sedan variants an SUV (C44) would be launched, which would receive the commercial name C4 Aircross; however, its commercialization has finally been discarded because it would overlap with the future C3 Aircross, which will grow to 4.30 meters in length.

While the C4 L is expected to be sold in Europe, its main market will be China. According to internal information handled by the French press, the sedan will have, like the crossover, a 100% electric variant. It is still not clear whether this model, which will initially be called ë-C4 L, will reach the old continent or if on the contrary it will be exclusively oriented to the Chinese market.

Although Citroën likely prefers to center European sales of the ë-C4 around the crossover variant, we should not rule out its hypothetical landing in our market, where its relatively affordable electric saloon nature would make it an ideal choice for transport professionals. (taxis, VTC, etc).

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