CUPRA Raval: Electric replacement for the SEAT Ibiza

Last February, SEAT SA registered a new trade name: CUPRA Raval . Initially, this will be the name given to the production version of the UrbanRebel Concept prototype, presented in September of last year. Like the Born, the Raval will take its name from a neighborhood in Barcelona.

The CUPRA Raval will be a B-segment hatchback (utility vehicles) called to replace the popular SEAT Ibiza , although it will be a more expensive product, since CUPRA is an aspirational brand, while SEAT is a generalist. Wayne Griffiths himself, executive director of SEAT SA, pointed out at the time that it would be more expensive than the Volkswagen ID.2, which will be around 20,000 euros before aid. Therefore, its starting price is possibly around 25,000 euros.

“The CUPRA version will have a higher price [than the Volkswagen ID.2] because we want it to be located between the mass and premium segments. We will make a very provocative design. The stock car will be very close to the UrbanRebel . You take the wing off the back and the spoiler off the front, and you get very close to what we want to do with the car that we want to launch in 2025. “

The CUPRA Raval will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB Small modular platform , which will admit engines of up to 234 hp (172 kW) and 290 Nm (always in front-wheel drive configuration) and 57 kWh batteries with LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cells. ), which will allow it to exceed 400 km WLTP of autonomy.


The CUPRA Raval will be manufactured in Martorell

Its suspension scheme will be MacPherson type at the front axle and torsion bar at the rear, the same set that we can already find in the Ibiza. As for the load, you can recover about 163 km in just ten minutes . The most powerful versions are expected to receive the surname VZ, which identifies the sportiest CUPRAs.

Although the prototype is a three-door, the production version will have five . Some details of the UrbanRebel Concept such as the light clusters made up of three triangles or the floating roof should be kept in the street Raval, although others such as the huge spoiler used in the prototype will give way to more conventional parts.


Our protagonist will begin to be produced in Martorell (Barcelona) throughout the year 2025, while its batteries will initially be manufactured in Sagunto (Valencia) . Compared to proposals from Skoda and Volkswagen on the same platform, the CUPRA will be characterized by a more sporty and exclusive approach.

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