Dacia Jogger 7-seater hybrid crossover debut

Dacia hires Lodgy and Logan MCV and replaces them with the Jogger. The crossover comes with up to seven seats and is the brand’s first hybrid. All information and seat sample!

Market launch in March 2021 at prices from around 15,000 euros

Vans and station wagons are on the way down on the scale of buyers’ favor. SUVs and crossovers are very popular. Dacia notices that too, which is why Lodgy and Logan MCV will be united in a model called Jogger in the future. With up to seven seats, it should combine the space of a van with the versatility of a station wagon and the suitability for bad roads of an SUV. Why jogger? The name is intended to symbolize the brand’s connection to the outdoors.

Building on the CMF-B platform, on which Renault Clio and Dacia Sandero are also located, the jogger takes over a lot of their technology. The will be a highlight brand’s first hybrid drive, which will, however, only be available around a year after the market launch. The crossover will celebrate its premiere at the IAA in Munich (September 7th to 12th, 2021). From the market launch in March 2022, only one gasoline and one gas engine will initially be available, with prices starting at around 15,000 euros.

Dacia Jogger Dimensions:

  • Length: 4547 mm
  • Width: 1784 mm
  • Height: 1632 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2897 mm
  • Luggage space (five-seater): 565 l / 1819 l
  • Luggage space ( seven-seater ): 160 l / 708 l / 1819 l

Crossover with strong van bonds

On the front, the optics do not offer any surprises. The entire front end is known from the Sandero Stepway, including LED headlights, plastic-covered wheel arches, and aprons as well as the indicated underrun protection. In front of the B-pillar, the roofline rises four cm to give the rear passengers easier access. Depending on the equipment, there is a variable roof rail with a load of 80 kg on the roof.

The struts are removable and can be mounted transversely as a roof rack. The boxy rear with its vertical lights is reminiscent of a mixture of a Volvo and a VW Caddy. In the trunk, you will find the five-seater between 565 liters and 1819 liters of luggage space. The seven-seater has 160 liters, 708 liters, or 1819 liters, depending on the seat configurationThe loading sill is comfortably low at 66.1 centimeters. There are also hooks, lashing eyes, and straps in the storage space to secure the load.

Cockpit from the Dacia Sandero

Dacia Jogger

The cockpit has been taken over from the Sandero almost unchanged, only the somewhat more generous space is new. The many shelves and the height and depth adjustable steering wheel are practical. The Dacia-typical soft seats could probably lack support on long journeys. In terms of equipment, an onboard computer, cruise control, and six airbags are standard onboard. Options include heated seats, automatic air conditioning, Keyless Go, rain sensor, PDC with reversing camera, and an electric parking brake.

The three infotainment solutions are interestingIn the base, there is a holder for the smartphone, which can be used for infotainment with the free Dacia app. Applications can be loaded and arranged as desired. The system is controlled either via the steering wheel buttons or the smartphone’s operation. Two infotainment variants with an eight-inch touchscreen are optionally available, with the highest level of navigation and wireless smartphone connection.

Dacia Jogger

Plenty of space in rows two and three

It’s comfortable in row two. Except for the optional folding tables and a twelve-volt socket, things are sparse, but the feeling of space and space is excellent. Amazingly, this also applies to row three. Even adults up to 1.85 meters tall have enough headroom and their knees do not hit the front seat backrests. The boarding is also easy thanks to the simple folding mechanisms of the seats.

Petrol, gas, and hybrid drives

On the engine side, there will be two one-liter three-cylinder units at the market launch. The newly developed gasoline engine has an output of 110 hp and a torque of 200 Nm, while the liquefied gas engine produces 100 hp. Thanks to the 50-liter petrol and 40-liter gas tank, its total range should be over 1000 kilometers. Both units are linked to a six-speed manual transmission and drive the front wheels. All-wheel drive is also not available for an extra charge. So that the crossover still lives up to its name, there are 20 centimeters of ground clearance.

Dacia Jogger

The big innovation in the engine range concerns the full hybrid. It comes from the Renault Clio E-Tech and, according to Dacia, was taken over unchanged. That means 140 HP system output from a combination of 1.6-liter gasoline engine and electric motor. With the 1.2 kWh battery80 percent of the distances in city traffic should be able to be covered electrically. Unfortunately, the engine won’t be available until 2023. When asked about the reason for the delay, it was said that they did not want to attack customers with such an innovation. You first have to get used to the idea that a hybrid replaces diesel replaced. Because there will no longer be a diesel engine.

Dacia Jogger Price & Market launch

Dacia Jogger Interior

For the market launch of the Jogger, Dacia will for the first time offer a time-limited special edition called “X-Treme” with a particularly extensive range of features. It can be recognized by the black painted body accents, 16-inch aluminum, and “X-Treme” logos on the fenders and rims. Exciting: The “X” in the name forms the new Dacia logo, but the old one is still emblazoned on the front and rear. Orders for the Dacia Jogger will start in February 2022, and the first vehicles will be delivered in March. As is typical for Dacia, the prices are set at low prices. An exact number is not yet available, but you can expect a base price of around 15,000 euros. The seven-seater should cost almost 1000 euros more.

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