Dacia MANIFESTO Electric Buggy Revealed

A few weeks before its official debut at the Paris Motor Show, Dacia has shown the first images of the new MANIFESTO Concept, a prototype that is presented as a laboratory of ideas and technologies that could be used in future launches of the firm. Romanian belonging to the Renault Group.

The Dacia MANIFESTO is a 100% electric buggy that reinforces the brand’s outdoor image. The vehicle has no windshield, windows, or doors; however, its designers have included a drop-down work surface in the tailgate. Dacia’s “Bring your Own Device” philosophy evolves, as the user’s smartphone can now be fully integrated into the dashboard as an infotainment system.

Another innovation that we will see in future Dacia models will be the YouClip fastening system, which allows all kinds of accessories to be attached. An interesting solution is a removable headlight, which in addition to being unique to reduce costs, can also be used as a flashlight. The main plastic parts of the bodywork are made from Starkle®, a material made from recycled polypropylene.

Although the specifications of its electric drivetrain have not been finalized, it has been confirmed that the MANIFESTO Concept will have four-wheel drive. In addition, thanks to its “waterproof” design, the passenger compartment can be washed with a simple hose. The lining of the seats meanwhile becomes a sleeping bag, while a removable battery can be used as a power source for external equipment.


The MANIFESTO Concept advances some technologies that Dacia will use in the future

Dacia Design Director David Durand explains how this prototype fits into the company’s philosophy. «In Dacia, we like the concrete. As we were developing and exploring new ideas, we felt the need to go beyond 3D simulations and see them in reality. Furthermore, before being a design object, the MANIFESTO Concept embodies our vision and brings together multiple innovations, some of them extreme in their execution but always accessible to the customer, and some of them will serve us in future Dacia vehicles.”


“We want to build a range of products that reinforces our brand promise by focusing on the essentials and by adapting our vehicles to outdoor uses,” adds Lionel Jaillet, Director of Performance Product at Dacia“Beyond our models, we are also working on innovations that allow us to better meet the needs and uses of our customers”.

“The Concept MANIFESTO plays the role of a laboratory to explore, test, and design new ideas. The version you can see today will continue to evolve as we conduct further exploration. So we are waiting for you in our next models, more ingenious, more outdoor, and more Dacia than ever », says Jaillet.

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