Do you want to know if the Tesla Cybertruck fits in your garage?

We are still waiting to know the final version of the Tesla Cybertruck, but, before its launch, we can already know what its size figures are. And some surprise. tIt is called to be the most innovative and surprising pick-up on the market. Since it was presented in prototype format in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has not stopped making headlines and news around the world. During these four long years, rumors have been a constant and, although we will soon be able to know the real details, there is still no confirmed date for the presentation. The end of the year is approaching and Tesla is not taking the step. Meanwhile, the many followers have provided more data than the brand. The last one has to do with its size.

One of the keys to the Cybertruck is its design. The original idea was for it to attract attention, and it did, perhaps too much. The design of the pick-up leaves no one indifferent. Or you love it or hate it. Within Tesla, the two currents have emerged, leading to a small revolution against Musk for this risky approach. Despite the criticism, the CEO’s opinion has been maintained and if we take into account the reserves, close to two million units, we could be facing one of the house’s greatest successes. All this before even knowing its price.

Tesla Cybertruck, too big for Europe?

At the moment, Tesla has not confirmed its launch in Europe. The Cybertruck will begin its commercial journey in the United States, the land of the free and the home of pickup trucks. With a vast untapped market where only the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning are present (with the permission of the Hummer EV), the Austin model will arrive to surpass all its rivals. The original performance data announced high performance and minimal consumption. Now it only remains to be seen if all this is combined with off-road behavior worthy of a pick-up. Last week we were able to see it during a country getaway.

Tesla Cybertruck

One of those test units has been intercepted in the middle of the street by one of Tesla’s many followers. Without a bit of shame, the user of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum has decided to find out what the width of his next truck is. With the meter in hand, he has concluded that the rear bumper reaches 1.83 meters wide. If we add wheel arches, the total width reaches 1.98 meters, without the mirrors. It is clear that it is not a discrete level, but not as exaggerated as many had predicted or expected. Without going any further, a Model S has a total width of 1,987 meters.

These figures are not official and we will have to wait for the definitive data, but the proportions will not be a problem when maneuvering. A few months ago, Tesla officially announced that the total length would be below 5.79 meters, which may pose a problem for Europeans. In the United States, they are used to those dimensions, everything is built thinking about vehicles of that size and even more, but in the Old Continent there are no cars of those proportions and although the Cybertruck has four drive wheels, it will be excessively large for many roads and parking lots.

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