DS4 Crossback: Luxury SUV to arrive in 2021

At the end of 2021, DS will have four models in its catalog, against two currently. In addition to the DS9 scheduled for spring, the high-end French brand will also have the DS4 which will double as a sedan, and its enhanced version, the DS4 Crossback.

The DS4 has never been so close and yet so far away. Also close, because DS Automobiles has lifted part of the veil on its new compact offer by presenting on-board technologies (night vision, Matrix LED, a head-up display, rechargeable hybrid engine, etc.). But it is at the same time very distant because it will not be marketed until the very end of 2021. Its range will indeed consist of two versions … As for the previous generation, the future DS4 will be offered in two versions. The first will sport the allure of a compact sedan and respond to the internal code D41. The second, known under the code D44, will have a more adventurous look.

On the air of an SUV …

In both cases, the inspiration is clear: it is the Aero Sports Lounge (ASL) concept, presented in spring 2020. We find the same dynamic silhouette, with a fleeting roofline, and the same original style with lines well marked and a rear pillar with a special design. Regarding the Crossback version, which interests us here, the ground clearance is slightly increased (in particular thanks to 19-inch wheels) and the body protections are more important. In contrast, the wheel arches are well rounded and not flattened, as is the case on the concept. It is strange to have kept this raised sedan offering when the market seems to be asking for real SUVs …

DS4 Crossback Interior

DS4 Crossback

Onboard, this DS4 Crossback will take the same layout as the classic sedan with a new presentation comprising three screens: the meters and the touch screen for the infotainment system will be supported by a third element, also touch. Called DS Smart Touch, it will be located at the base of the central console in the continuity of the central armrest, as on the most upscale Audi, and it will be used for functions that can be controlled by gestures or for the recognition of the writing. However, its presence will prevent the DS4 Crossback from having any lever for the gearbox. Only a small lever for the automatic gearbox will be allowed on board, unlike the future Peugeot 308, built on the same platform and which will have a manual transmission.

DS4 Crossback Hybrid

This technical choice by DS goes hand in hand with the brand’s high-end orientation. Thus, in terms of engines, the DS4 Crossback will only have blocks offering a power greater than 130 hp. If at launch, the gasoline will not receive the support of electrification, the light hybrid system (MHEV) will arrive quickly, in the course of 2022. It will then be associated with the new e-DCT dual-clutch gearbox developed in partnership with Punch Powertrain. Aisin’s e-EAT8 automatic transmission will still be on the program on plug-in hybrid versions which will then be available in 225 hp at launch, then, subsequently in 180 hp. Despite its name Crossback, this DS4 will have no all-wheel-drive: neither mechanical nor electric. Only one diesel offer will be available in the catalog, it is the 1.5 BlueHDi of 130 hp.

Technological update

In addition to new engines, the DS4 Crossback will have new, more modern driving aids. The compact will notably have access to a night vision device or a level 2 semi-autonomous driving system. The latter equipment will be more advanced than that available onboard the DS7 Crossback and DS9. Also, DS will offer a new infotainment system that will now be both more intuitive and more responsive. The keys will be capacitive and the operating principle will be similar to that of a smartphone. It will be coupled with a personal assistant, called Iris, which will provide reactive voice control.

Made in Germany, in the Opel factory in Rüsselsheim, from August 2021, the DS4 Crossback will arrive in dealerships at the end of 2021. Another good year to wait …

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