DS7 Crossback 2022 Premium French SUV

Introduced in February 2017, the DS7 Crossback is the first vehicle of the second generation of DS, entirely designed after the separation of DS from Citroën. Launched in January 2018, the DS7 Crossback will benefit, during the first half of 2022, from a restyling which will allow it to benefit from aesthetic changes both on the front and the rear, from an increase in its technological content and the ‘arrival of a much more powerful hybrid version.

Inspired by the latest DS4, the restyled DS7 Crossback will display a less baroque style tending towards more simplicity and less chrome. The projectors will be refined and supported by a led guide in line with the DS 4 but not the same, contrary to what the illustration above suggests. The rear of the restyled DS7 Crossback will also undergo an evolution with a brand new tailgate and new taillights which will be thinner, sharper but retaining their scaly shapes. They will be highlighted by a body fold that will connect them to the tailgate window.

DS7 Crossback 2022 modernized interior

The exterior aesthetic modifications will be completed by a modernized interior which will gain above all in technological equipment. Thus, unlike the Peugeot 3008s, the restyled DS7 Crossback will receive the new interface from the Stellantis group that the DS 4 has inaugurated. This new system is ultra-modern and configurable like a smartphone with a set of configurable widgets. This system will still be broadcast via a 12-inch touchscreen but, at least, the navigation will take up all the available space.

DS7 Crossback 2022

As for other technologies, the DS 7 Crossback should receive the latest advances from DS 4, notably with level 2 autonomous driving or improved lane-keeping assistance, but should ignore the head-up vision projected on the vehicle. windshield. Conversely, the restyled DS7 Crossback could receive gesture and voice commands from the DS 4.

An unprecedented 360 horsepower version

There will be no engine upgrades on the restyled DS 7 Crossback but the hybrid engines will be revised to accommodate a larger capacity battery allowing better autonomy in 100% electric mode. But, above all, by the end of 2022, the restyled DS7 Crossback will benefit from a hybrid engine with a power even more worthy of its rank. Indeed, a 360 horsepower version of the DS 7 Crossback is planned, it will take over the engines of the DS9, and will allow the DS compact SUV to offer even stronger performance while reducing its CO2 emissions.

DS7 Crossback 2022

In conclusion, as we can see, DS is giving itself the means to fight with its ever stronger competitors and will provide the DS 7 Crossback with a restyling which will, beyond maintaining in the race, allow it to fight on equal terms. in a highly competitive segment. The presentation of the DS7 Crossback will arrive in the first half of 2022 for marketing in the summer.

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