Electric BMW M are coming soon

Surely all of you have dreamed of owning a BMW M. What I am not so clear about is that, in your dreams, it was an electric M. But times and mobility change by leaps and bounds, so it won’t take too long to see some BMW M electric available.

The German brand has confirmed that during this 2021 will unveil the first fully electric BMW M. Of course, it is not yet official which will be the first EV with the legendary M insignia, a symbol of high sportsmanship and performance. In any case, we can get some ideas.

Considering that the most historic of the BMW M’s is the 3 Series / 4 Series, some rumors (as they say in Coach) point to the first could be the BMW i4M (or whatever the company finally calls it). The Bavarian brand presented the Concept i4 some time ago; a somewhat futuristic coupé saloon whose production version will begin its commercializations this year.

The M variant could improve on the approximate 530 hp announced for the BMW i4, but will go further. Like all M, there should not be a missing more dynamic tuning. Among other things, it would have more reactivity when pressing the accelerator, more sporty suspensions and a faster steering feel. Hopefully also a higher torque on the rear.

BMW Concept i4 front

On the other hand, BMW i is also working on electric SUVs. In fact, the BMW iX3 is already available as the electric brother of the X3. It has a lot of power and considerable autonomy. Seeing that there are no SUVs in M’s portfolio, it would be strange that in a while we would not see a BMW iX3M, for example.

The sports division of the German firm has a lot of experience and it sure manages to create good sports electrical products. But of course, the question is the same as always. Would an electric BMW M be capable of approaching any of the traditional M range in emotions? We will see how they resolve that important section …


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