Electric Porsche Macan shows potential for ultra-fast charging

The Porsche Macan continues to rack up miles during its development stage. One of the test units has been intercepted while charging its battery. The data that emerges reveals details that are now unknown to us.

The project for the new electric Macan is still underway. Although the car should have seen the light of day a few months ago, development delays have forced the date to be postponed repeatedly. This has allowed the testing period to be extended to ensure that the changes are applied correctly. During a test session carried out in the extreme temperatures of northern Europe, a unit of the electric Porsche Macan has been discovered while charging its battery. Now we know some details that we were unaware of until now and the truth is that the figures are impressive.

The new generation of the Macan will change the way we view Porsche. Although the Porsche Taycan has shown those in Stuttgart that electric mobility is not only possible but also profitable, changes will occur throughout the range over the years. The smallest model in the house will be the first to leap. This is no secret. Over the past year, we’ve seen numerous test units drive around in different environments, but until now we haven’t been able to get close enough to learn charging data.

Through the social network Reddit, some photos of the intercepted test unit have been published. The weather could not be more extreme. Heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures aren’t the ideal scenarios for an electric car, but Porsche has long been logging miles near the Arctic Circle. The first thing we can guess is that the Macan EV will feature a split headlight aesthetic on the front. The main optics will be located in the lower bumper while the daylight will be placed in the upper part, on the hood, although it will not be part of it.

Electric Porsche Macan

At the rear, we see a very trimmed tailgate that drops quickly when it reaches the taillights that will be joined end to end. The general line of the small SUV is maintained, although it will be updated. However, the important thing about these images is not in the car itself, but in the charging point. A screenshot of the shot information display allows you to find out some interesting information. As we can see, the car has been connected for just over a quarter of an hour and during that time a total of 44,152 kWh of capacity have been recovered with the battery at 52% of its total charge. At that exact moment, the charging power was 172 kW.

Electric Porsche Macan

Taking all this into account, we can safely say that the Porsche Macan battery will have a capacity of more than 100 kWh, approximately 108 gross kWh. However, what is truly impressive is the recovery power. The 800-volt architecture will allow charging powers up to 270 kW or even higher. It must be taken into account that extreme cold grips the speed. This means that, in ideal conditions and with friendlier weather, the Porsche Macan will be able to recover 80% of the battery in about 25 minutes. The official launch is scheduled for the first half of the year, although there is still no specific date.

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