Electric Renault R5 will be presented in summer 2023

The new Renault R5 will hit the market earlier than expected. Although it was known in advance that the electric utility vehicle would be launched in early 2024, a series of information has emerged in the specialized Worldscoop forum that points to a more precise schedule: presentation in the summer of 2023, the opening of orders in the fall, arrival at the dealers in January 2024.

Therefore, the Renault R5 will be one year ahead of rivals such as the CUPRA Raval, scheduled for 2025. The production of the French model will take place in Douai (France), while its batteries will come from a new gigafactory that Envision AESC will build near these facilities. The engines for their part will come from Cléon.

It is confirmed that the Renault R5 will equip a 136 hp ePT-100kW electric motor coupled to the front axle, which will stand out mainly for its efficiency. The nice neo-retro model will use NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) cells, being available in two packs: one of 42 kWh with which it will exceed 300 km WLTP, and another of 52 kWh with which it will reach 400 km WLTP.

The car will measure 3.92 meters, so it will fit into segment B. Its platform will be the CMF-BEV of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the same one that will be used by the next Renault 4EVer and Nissan Micra. This architecture, which will share 50% of its components with the CMF-B of the Clio and Captur, will allow Renault to reduce vehicle costs by more than 30% compared to the current ZOE. It will also be one of the few utility vehicles on the market, along with the MINI Hatch, to have a multi-link rear suspension.

The electric Renault R5 will cost 22,000-24,000 euros before the aid

Like the Megane E-TECH, the Renault R5 will charge 7 kW of alternating current power as standard, offering semi-fast charging at 22 kW in three-phase as an option. In direct current, the 42 kWh variant should be around 85 kW, while the 52 kWh variant could reach a peak of 130 kW. Their rates will start at around 22,000-24,000 euros before aid, and possibly the 400 km WLTP model costs less than 30,000 euros.

Electric Renault R5

Our protagonist will also have a high-performance version signed by Alpine, which will equip the 218 hp ePT-160kW engine of the Megane E-TECH. This hot hatch will sport a specific body kit, widened wings, and a radical set-up that will allow it to be crowned heir to an illustrious saga of small sports cars (R5 Alpine, R5 Alpine Turbo, Supercinco GT Turbo, Clio 16V, Clio Williams, the different incarnations of the Clio RS…).

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