Elon Musk reveals the keys to $25K Tesla Model 2 but it’s not as expected

Elon Musk has been announcing his next electric car for a while now; Its selling price will be approximately $25,000. An attractive price, no doubt, but from the executive’s latest statements we now know that the Tesla Model 2 will not be exactly what was expected. Let’s start with the good news, Tesla’s new cheap electric car will hit the market in 2025 and it has already been confirmed that it will be produced in Mexico. Now that the Tesla Cybertruck is finally on the road, the brand will focus directly on this flagship product.

Elon Musk himself has defined his next cheap electric car, which today we know as Tesla Model 2, but it is not yet defined under what name it will be sold, as ‘an electric car to go from one point to another’. That is to say, it will not aim to be as avant-garde and leading as its other electric cars, nor as much range or power, but rather the development of this electric car is focused on making it a cheap, logical, practical, and functional car, and not So much an aspirational product. To achieve this, a new platform will be launched that on the one hand will ‘make it much easier to manufacture’, as Elon Musk has pointed out, and which will also reduce costs significantly.

Don’t expect anything revolutionary

In reality, it will be much more ‘conventional’ than the Cybertruck, Elon Musk has said. He has announced that they are focusing all their efforts on simplifying this new generation electric vehicle as much as possible to achieve a milestone in production capacity per minute in the automotive sector. Be careful, the manager says that it will continue to be a ‘nice and cool’ car, but priority is being given to making it practical and utilitarian, with no greater pretensions than serving as a means of transportation on daily trips.

The bad thing for Tesla is that the market for cheap electric cars is beginning to receive very interesting products. Until recently in Europe, it was only the MG 4 that aspired to the mass market due to its relationship between price and performance, but the BYD Dolphin is a similar option, also accessible and with plenty of features. Now the new Citroën ë-C3 has just arrived from just 18,600 euros with the MOVES III Plan, and it is an even better proposal. And before the Tesla Model 2 wants to hit the market, the FIAT Panda 2024 will also have done so, which will follow a similar strategy to the Citroën model with the same electrical technology.

Tesla model Y

The new Tesla Model 2 is going to be manufactured in Mexico, in the Gigafactory that the brand is deploying there. The company’s plans foresee this new electric car being available on the market in 2025, with a presentation that will take place shortly before. What is expected, according to the leaks that have occurred in recent months, is that this cheap electric car will of course have a battery with LFP cells that would provide an energy storage capacity of around 50 kWh.

With this capacity, it would be positioned above the recently released Citroën ë-C3, at a level similar to the MG 4 . Which, by the way, achieves 350 km of range under the WLTP homologation cycle. However, Tesla seems to have its sights set on exceeding 400 km of approved range with its cheapest electric car. Due to its experience in lower segments, and having the best technology on the market available, if anyone can set a new milestone in energy efficiency within this category it is Tesla, and of course with this new Tesla Model 2.

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