Ferrari F8 Spider Novitec Very powerful and fast

Practically every month Novitec has us used to bring us one of its machines. Enhanced devices with an exclusive and radical aesthetic but without the need to resort to great fanfare, knowing how to maintain the essence of each car, but giving it an extra touch of spice that is always good.

This time, the novelty of the preparer is based on the Ferrari F8 Spider, a car that if already with its 720 hp is a supercar with all the letters, Novitec has increased its power to an incredible 803 hp that comes from the V8 engine 3.9-liter Biturbo.

Even gold in the leaks

From Novitec they have mentioned that it has not been necessary to modify anything on the block itself, but that they have paid special attention to improving the auxiliary systems by installing a Novicten N-Tronic control module, a high-performance exhaust system made in Inconel, a Specific catalyst and, as icing on the cake, exhaust tails that can be gold plated.

With this improvement of no less than 83 hp, this F8 Spider by Novitec is capable of doing 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds and reaching a top speed of 340 km / h, perfect for ripping off any stickers. on an Autobahn. Novitec also offers slightly less extreme power packs than this one that increases power up to 787 hp or 796 hp.

Carbon fiber in abundance

Ferrari F8 Spider Novitec

As we have said before, another of the great novelties was its new design. And it is that Novitec has equipped a special kit worked practically entirely in carbon fiber, which gives it an aesthetic of the most aggressive and muscular and that is composed of door handles, rearview mirrors, front and rear spoilers, splitter, diffuser, fins, and bonnet gills.

As you can see, this F8 Spider signed by Novitec brings a great list of fiber elements. All of them can be painted in body color or bare with a gloss film, a difficult choice for the lucky ones who can afford this stunt.

More specific elements

In addition, as it could not be otherwise, Vossen lightweight forged wheels have been fitted with sizes 255/30 ZR 21 for the front axle and 335/25 ZR 22 for the rear axle. In this unit, they are painted in a satin bronze color that goes well with the metallic black that it has been dressed in.

Ferrari F8 Spider Novitec

The interior is also another of the sections to which attention has been paid, equipping – for a change – a lot of carbon fiber in its dashboard and moldings creating an atmosphere of luxury and sportiness in combination with the sports seats upholstered in black Alcantara and leather.

In order not to be upset when parking our Novitec Ferrari F8 Spider, the preparer has equipped a lift system on the front axle, which allows the height of the axle to be increased by up to 40mm to solve possible height problems by having lowered the free height at the front axle. the soil of the conventional model.

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