Ferrari Hypercar: Announces New Plan

To the surprise of everyone, Ferrari announced on Wednesday that it will return to the top flight of the World Endurance Championship (WEC). Thanks to the new Hypercar program, the Italian team will return to Le Mans in 2023.

Ferrari commits to the Hypercar

After this announcement, it is expected that the Maranello team can compete and be part of the same grid as Toyota, Glickenhaus, Peugeot, Porsche or Audi, other teams that have already confirmed their commitment to the new category that has been born under the name of ‘Hypercar’, prototypes that will go into action for the first time in 2021, although it will not be until 2023 when we see Ferrari.

In this way, the Italian team will once again be one more in the superior category of the WEC for the first time since 1973. Finally and after several rumors, the new Hypercar category has ended up seducing Ferrari to fight again for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a victory he has not achieved since 1965 with the Ferrari 250LM.

In total, the Italian brand has achieved nine victories throughout the history of Le Mans, living its golden age from 1958 to 1965, where it managed to climb to the top in seven of the eight races held. Victories that he will try to repeat in 2023 thanks to the new Hypercar, a category that will return the rampant horse to the World Endurance

John Elkann, President of Ferrari, was delighted to announce this new agreement: “In more than 70 years of racing, we have led our cars to victory by exploring cutting-edge technological solutions. With the new Le Mans Hypercar program, Ferrari once again reaffirms its sporting commitment and its determination to be the protagonist in the main world motorsport events ”.

Many things yet to be announced

To date, Ferrari has been unwilling to offer much more information about its new commitment to the Hypercar program. At the moment, we do not even know the name that its new prototype will carry or the pilots in charge of taking it to the limit from 2023, information that the Italian brand will continue to give in the coming months, as well as many other details that remain in the air following this extremely important announcement for the WEC, the FIA ​​and motorsports in general.

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