Ferrari Icona: everything we know about

The Ferrari Icona could be warming up engines and the future supercar could equip a naturally aspirated V12 engine that could be linked to a manual transmission. As you surely know, the Prancing Horse brand is one of the most famous in the world. The red car brand par excellence has been developing authentic jewels on wheels since 1947. Although every time a new model indeed arrives on the market, the Ferraristas celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

A few days ago we were able to see some spy photos that rekindle the rumors of the launch of the new Ferrari Icona. This world presentation could take place next November, possibly on the 15th, but it cannot be officially confirmed. Some Ferraristas have received a letter that is accompanied by a manual change, so we can think that the new Ferrari could have a change of this type.

Everything we know about the future Ferrari Icona

Everything indicates that the future Ferrari Icona could be inspired by the most classic models of the Maranello brand. What’s more, it could be inspired by the Ferrari 330 P4 that was born in 1967, so much so that it could have a removable roof like the Spyder version of the legendary classic. The model that will become the successor to the Ferrari LaFerrari could be very close to production.

It should be noted that the Ferrari Icona will be based on the same platform as the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta and could equip a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine. This engine can also be found in the Ferrari 812 Competizione. In this model, the block is capable of offering a power of 812 hp and 692 Nm of maximum torque.

Ferrari Icona

If these rumors come true, we could be in front of one of the models that will mark a before and after in the Prancing Horse brandFerrari has not offered a supercar with a naturally aspirated V12 engine for quite a few years, so Ferraristas could be rubbing their hands.

Ferrari Icona

This model will be manufactured under a very limited edition, so it will be a very exclusive model and, of course, expensive. According to some information, prices could be between 2.1 and 2.6 million euros. We will have to wait a few more days to know all its details and, of course, to experience its presence in society. Are we facing a future model of the Prancing Horse brand that will create history?

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