FIAT confirms that it will be a 100% electric brand in 2027

The Stellantis Group is in a frantic race to transform its offer in a market where the electric car has more and more weight. After confirming the electrification of its DS (in 2024), Lancia (2026), Alfa Romeo (2027), and Opel (2028) brands, the group has now indicated that one of the largest, FIAT, will also do so in 2027 when only will sell electric cars.

This has been indicated by the conglomerate in the presentation of results for 2021, where it has reported a year with net profits of 13,400 million euros, which is triple the figures of the previous year.

Some good figures pave the way to face the demanding challenge that the big manufacturers have ahead to have a wide and competitive offer of electric cars in their ranges.

FIAT, a 100% electric brand in 2027

In the case of FIAT, so far it has three electric cars in the range: the small 500 and the commercial vehicles e-Ducato, e-Scudo, which will soon be joined by the new E-Ulysse, which has not yet arrived at dealers.

Now we will have to see how the FIAT electrification process continues, among what is rumored there will be an electric version of the Panda, which should arrive in 2023. A rival for the Dacia Spring and a new alternative in the low-cost segment.

This will be based on the Centoventi prototype and will stand out for being an urban, resistant proposal with its characteristic square design. It will probably use the same Stellantis CMP architecture that Peugeot uses in compact 208 and 308. Something that indicates that the new Panda will have a small version, but also one that will be placed above four meters in length.

As for the mechanical part, at the moment there are no official details but it is to be expected that the electric version of the panda will have in its most economical option an LFP battery below 40 kWh and an approved autonomy of around 300 km. The engine should be around 80 kW (109 hp) and its production will take place at the Stellantis plant in Slovakia, all with a price that will have to be placed clearly below 20,000 euros if it is to have any chance.

The offer may also be expanded later with an electric version of the Citroën ë-C3 (directly derived from the fourth generation Citroën C3) which should take care of a larger size segment in case the Panda is limited to urban pure.

But what is clear is that one of the most powerful groups in the market, and one of the manufacturers with the longest history, such as FIAT, will not manufacture cars with a combustion engine in just five years. And we are not talking about electrification in the most ethereal aspect of the word, where hybrids are included, but from Stellantis they have indicated a 100% BEV offer.

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