Fiat Panda 2023: An affordable small electric car

Fiat is planning a new product offensive where it will seek to popularize electrification to reduce emissions and make purchasing more accessible. A strategy for the next five years where we will see how the mythical 500 will be accompanied by other affordable proposals such as the new Fiat Panda, which will be based on the Centoventi prototype that will become the pillar from which this interesting project will move.

Fiat CEO Olivier Francois has recently said in the Italian press that this strategy would change his company’s paradigms. The 500 will become a brand-focused offering, while upcoming Centoventi-based models will give up some aesthetics and design to give higher priority to practicality and affordability.

This will mean that the new Panda will occupy a rung above 500 in terms of size and space for both occupants and cargo, all taking advantage of a historic name that will immediately help position it in the market.

The new Fiat Panda, according to the head of the Italian brand, will be a strong and square urban car, and it will have to be the closest thing to what a current Panda would be. Then there will be one or two variants that will probably use the same Stellantis CMP architecture that Peugeot uses in the compact 208 and 308. Something that tells us that the new Panda will have a small version, but also one that will be placed above four meters. long.

Fiat Panda 2023

Fiat’s president confirms it, indicating that he wants to launch models between 3.7 and 4.3 meters long. Something that would even allow him to launch a substitute for the Fiat 500L, which we remember has a body of 4.2 meters long and space for five occupants.

In the case of the electric Panda, it should use the eCMP platform, which is like the one for combustion models but adapted for electric systems.

As for the mechanical part, at the moment there are no official details but it is to be expected that the electric version of the panda will have in its most economical option an LFP battery below 40 kWh and an approved autonomy of around 300 km. The engine should be around 80 kW (109 hp) and its production will take place at the Stellantis plant in Slovakia.

But the key to everything will be a price that before any help or promotion should start below 20,000 euros. We would even say that it is not far from 15,000 euros for its cheapest version, opening up a wide range of possibilities depending on size and battery.

An electric Fiat panda that will reach a market where there will be more and more urban and compact electric cars that will make use of the evolution of lithium-ferrophosphate batteries to offer competitive products and economically within what we can call reasonable. Photo;

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