First 7-seater Porsche will be electric and sporty

Soon, Porsche will put on the market a new fully electric SUV located above the Cayenne. Now, his CEO has given new clues about him, as well as his arrival date. According to the latest information released by Oliver Blume, CEO of the brand, and collected in Autocar, Porsche’s new electric SUV will be a different model from the rest of the German firm’s production. Official sources have stated that it will exceed 5 meters in length and one of its particularities will be that it will present a “part saloon, part crossover” design.

Blume himself has recently described the electric car as “a very sporty interpretation of an SUV”. Known internally as “Porsche K1”, it will be a very particular vehicle with a design never seen before. In the first instance, it will be positioned as the technological head and flagship of the brand.

Little is known exactly about its aesthetics, although Blume confessed that among its key attributes, he will highlight “a unique silhouette with a short hood by Porsche standards, a very sloped windshield and a low roof with a pronounced drop.” The CEO also highlighted its generous ground clearance to achieve good off-road driving, although its pneumatic suspensions will adjust the said height depending on the type of ground the user wants to drive on.

Its crucial factors will be capacity for seven passengers, off-road and sports skills, and a unique aesthetic in the sector. Among its mechanical components, a new pair of synchronous electric motors, a large high-performance battery with more than 100 kWh of storage, a 920-volt architecture, ultra-fast charging capacity, and an improved version of the PPE platform will stand out. All this will mean that the production model will reach a starting price even above the current Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT and its 230,000 euros.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

From Porsche they want to take advantage of the great sales success currently presented by both the Cayenne and the Macan, their two SUV cut models, and position the new vehicle above them. Both models marked 2022 a sales share of 60% among the entire Porsche range. The “K1” is expected to appear on the automotive market in 2027 and will be the fifth 100% electric model in the catalog after the Porsche Taycan, Porsche Macan, Porsche Cayenne, and Porsche 718 (Boxster and Cayman).

Although its size will be quite generous and the managers point out that its main and potential markets will be North America and China, it will also be marketed in Europe. But what models will it compete against? Its main rivals should be the BMW iX or the Mercedes EQS SUV, although by design it could be more aimed at vehicles like the Lamborghini Urus or the Aston Martin DBX. In any case, the Porsche K1 concept will put it pretty much on its own in its segment.

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