Fisker announces first European delivery date for Ocean

Fisker is making notable progress with the approval procedures for its electric SUV both in Europe and in the United States; its CEO announces the date for the first deliveries. Fisker is a brand that has created high expectations in the United States and that is also seeking its space in the European market. The first vehicle that will make an appearance will be the Fisker Ocean, an electric SUV that has already received approval under the WLTP cycle and exceeds 700 kilometers of range per charge. Quite a rival for models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E or the Tesla Model Y, which are already well established in Europe.

However, although Fisker Ocean continues with its approval procedures, its CEO has already estimated the date to start the first deliveries to European customers. However, for this, you will still have to overcome some more bureaucratic obstacles.

After having obtained the aforementioned WLTP certification for the European range, as well as that of the EPA for the American range, the brand hopes to obtain the Official Certificate of Conformity from the North American Environmental Protection Agency to receive the seal for its commercialization on the other side. from the puddle In parallel, it is also awaiting full European regulatory approval, which it will receive at the end of April.

The arrival of the electric SUV in Europe

As they point out from Fisker, this is the last step to be able to start deliveries to customers almost immediately. For this reason, the company will increase the production of its models destined for Europe on April 20, with an eye on starting registrations at the beginning of May.

With the increase in vehicle production, Fisker, in addition to awarding a large part of its cars to Europe, will also do the same for the North American market, starting deliveries in both regions almost in parallel. Until now it has been producing the electric SUV at a very low rate, mainly “to avoid the cost of storing vehicles until approvals come in”, as confirmed by Henrik Fisker, CEO of the brand.

Fisker Ocean

For the company, “homologation simultaneously places an additional workload on our teams, but we are using the benefits of an agile organization by opportunistically changing our plans and delivering vehicles first to Europe. I appreciate the patience of our reservation holders and I am excited to have vehicles in the hands of our clients”, assured the top executive of the company.

Many are those who accentuate the great interest of the brand in the European market, being something unusual that their deliveries begin earlier in the Old Continent than in their own native country. Fisker has not hidden his inclination for Europe, since his plans have always drawn parallels between this region and the United States. His next vehicle, the Fisker PEAR, will have an approach very close to European tastes, such as a smaller size or an attractive starting price.

The Fisker Ocean was unveiled in January 2020. Just over three years later it will finally reach the hands of its European and North American customers. Remember that the electric SUV will have a price in Europe that starts at 41,900 euros, for the access variant (Sport finish). Then they will do the same with the “Ultra” and “One” versions. The latter does not yet have a specific price for Europe, although, in the United States, they will start at $49,999 and $68,889, respectively.

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