Ford Bronco 2023: the great 4×4 arrives in Europe

The most capable and impressive 4×4 vehicle in the Ford line-up, the Bronco will first arrive in Europe in 2023 in limited numbers. So shall!

Several years have passed since rumors suggested that Ford could resurrect, more than 20 years after he departed from the market, his legendary Bronco. A pure 4×4 vehicle whose first generation dates back to 1966 and which was on sale for 30 years. Finally, in the past year 2020, the oval brand unveiled what was the sixth generation of the Ford Bronco, a 4×4 SUV adapted to the new times but with many nods to the first installment.

Of course, when the Bronco was talked about two years ago, it was clear that it would stay on US territory, and that’s how it was… until now. Finally, Ford has made it official that its most extreme and off-road 4×4 SUV will arrive in Europe. Of course, arriving for the first time in the Old Continent ” is strictly limited quantities in selected European markets “. When? At the moment it is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The new Ford Bronco will bring to Europe its extreme off-road capabilities, its robust and tough design in a fully customizable 4-door body, and how could it be otherwise, with the latest driving, connectivity, and high-performance technology. 4×4. “Original Bronco design, North American F-Series endurance, and Ford Mustang performance” is how this Bronco is summed up.

Ford Bronco 2023

The Ford Bronco has always been rooted in the concepts of “freedom, fun, and open-air capability”, and in this generation, it was not going to be less. The American brand itself calls it an SUV in the first instance but does not think that it will not have off-road capabilities. Quite the opposite!

“The Bronco is Ford’s toughest and most versatile off-roader, and the new generation fuses the DNA of the original with the latest terrain management technologies and a wide range of accessories to create a new off-road icon. Following the enormous success of the new Bronco in the US, we are delighted to bring some of the spirits of adventure to our customers in Europe,” said Matthias Tonn, chief engineer, Import Vehicles, Ford of Europe.

Ford Bronco for Europe: This Is How It Is on the Outside… and on the Inside

At the design level, we have to talk about certain nods to the original Bronco, but also about other features that make it special, such as the prominent front grille, the circular headlights, and the huge emblem, all concentrated in the front.

Ford Bronco 2023

The Ford Bronco is also characterized by having several removable elements, which allow to lighten weight at specific moments and give another point of view to the vehicle: the hard top, the hard top, or the doors can be uninstalled and installed in a matter of minutes and stored in specific bags, as well as the grille, the front bumper or the side plastic trims. This allows, in addition to being able to customize it to your liking, to be able to change these elements if they suffer any damage.

In the cabin we also find some nods to the past, but with all the technology of today. Integrated handles, easily cleanable surfaces and elements, partial 8-inch TFT instrument panel, 12-inch central touch screen, state-of-the-art SYNC 4 multimedia system, wireless charger, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as standard or specific fixing points for mobile devices or cameras are also accompanied by the latest safety technology and driving aids, such as 360-degree cameras.

Ford Bronco 2023

Ford has not revealed the mechanical details of the Ford Bronco for Europe. In the United States, it is offered with a 270-hp 2.3-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine or a 325-hp V6 Ecoboost.

Prepared for Everything

The foundation of this Ford Bronco is a high-strength steel frame in a box with seven cross members. The suspension, how could it be otherwise, is high-performance off-road. Alloy wheels, 17 and 18 inches, along with off-road tires make the Bronco the most prepared Ford vehicle to face any surface.

Much of the blame lies with intelligent driving technologies, such as the “Terrain Management System”, with a large selection of driving modes: “Normal”, “Eco”, “Sport”, “Slippery”, “Mud/Sand” and racing-inspired “Baja”; all of them adjust the parameters of the steering, gearbox, and throttle. A locking rear differential is standard, as is the “Trail” toolbox.

Ford Bronco 2023

Optionally, you can choose a two-speed electronic transfer case that allows you to change on the move or the same but with automatic mode, as well as the locking front differential and the front stabilizer bar disconnection system; all of this allows for maximum articulation in the most challenging off-road driving situations. Other available technologies are the “Trail Control”, like cruise control, the “Trail Turn Assist”, which allows reducing the turning radius by 40 percent, the “Trail One-Pedal Drive”, to accelerate and brake using only the gas pedal, as well as a couple of technologies to improve towing tasks.

Ford Bronco interior

As optional equipment elements highlighted by Ford are also different improved lighting systems, such as the light bar on the roof, several different tents (for the rear area, roof, or side awning), neoprene covers to protect the seats, or the specific brackets for the roof rails.

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