Ford dealers in the US will have to invest up to $1.2 million to sell electric cars

Ford continues to make moves to compete head-to-head with Tesla, at least in the US, after announcing the formal division of its business into two branches, electric cars (Ford Model e) and thermal, hybrid, and recreational cars (Ford Blue ). Dealers have until October 31 to choose whether they want to sell the Model e, or settle for Ford Blue’s (long-term) dwindling business.

There will be two levels of certification for dealers who want to sell Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and co. The basic level will be Ford Model e Certified, which will involve an investment of $500,000 per dealer to make available a public access ultra-fast charging point and train its staff, in addition to what is necessary to provide the service. In euros, we are talking about practically the same amount.

This ‘low cost’ option will have an annual limit on the number of cars they can take from the factory but is acceptable for smaller dealers. The big ones can opt for the Ford Model e Certified Elite certification (take it now), with an initial amount of $900,000, to install two ultra-fast chargers -one must be public-, and in 2026 install the third charger for another $300,000. The necessary investments could decrease with government or state aid.

General Motors forced Cadillac dealers to invest $200,000 in 2020 ( it will do the same for Buick dealers ) if they wanted to keep the brand, which did not enter a buyback program. This will not happen for the Chevrolet brand, among other things because 95% of them are already familiar with the small Bolts, 100% electric.

Ford doesn’t buy back, it leaves them out of the business of the future. But one of the most important changes, and this is good for the consumer, is that their practices and their malicious dealer profit margins will come to an end, and now buying cars for the price of two will cease: prices will be fixed for everyone, and orders will be made to the factory, no car camp will die of laughter. This will allow price adjustments for up to $2,000 less.

ford f150 lightning

Both certifications for Ford Model e will be in force from 2024 and until the end of 2026. Those who regret not entering the first round will have another opportunity in 2027, although there will also be no consequences if they remain faithful to the sale of Fords with internal combustion engines. The manufacturer promised to continue investing in the ICE, so something of a future is assured with the Bronco, Mustang, F-150, etc.

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