Ford Fiesta 2022: First Look & All Details

The popular small car Ford Fiesta will soon get a facelift. Now the model has been spotted during the first test drives. The so-far best-selling Fiesta generation will get a new face in 2022. Read everything you need to know about the facelift of the small car here.

An updated version of the Ford Fiesta was first spotted on test drives before it is officially launched before 2022.

Drastic changes aren’t expected, but the redesigned Ford Fiesta should get a few modernizations inside and out to keep it up to date. Like the newer Opel Corsa, Hyundai i20, and the upcoming Skoda Fabia.

Ford Fiesta 2022 Prices

Ford hasn’t said when the updated Fiesta will go on sale yet, although the facelift is likely to be available to order in late 2021 or early 2022. The prices shouldn’t rise too much compared to the current model, so the updated Ford Fiesta will be available for around 15,000 euros.

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Much like the styling, the Ford Fiesta won’t differ much from the current car in the engine department either. This means that the facelift will only come with gasoline engines, with the choice ranging from a 1.1-liter engine with 75 hp to a 1.0-liter turbo option with 95 hp, 125 hp, or 155 hp.

If you need more power, a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine with 200 hp will also be available for the Fiesta ST.

Ford Fiesta 2022 SpyShot

The transmission options are also likely to be nearly identical to the current car. All engines are expected to come with manual transmissions as standard (five-speed for 1.1-liter cars; six-speed for 1.0-liter models), although some turbo-charged Fiesta 2022 versions also come with an optional seven-speed automatic will be available.

Ford may equip the Fiesta with mild hybrid engines, but no full hybrid or plug-in hybrid options are to be expected. For that, you’ll have to wait for a completely new Fiesta, which is unlikely to hit the market before 2025.

Exterior design

As these spy pictures show, the Fiesta 2022 will not get a comprehensive new look like part of the facelift. Instead, the update will introduce some subtle detail changes to add a bit of oomph to the styling.

For example, there are new horizontal turn signal bulbs in the headlights, and the grille looks like it’s a bit narrower than the one on the current car.

By and large, however, the updated Fiesta 2022 will look very similar to the previous model – whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you to decide for yourself.

This particular prototype appears to be a new Fiesta Active – the jacked-up crossover-inspired model that comes with a thicker plastic body panel and increased suspension.

Ford Fiesta 2022 Interior

The spy imagery doesn’t reveal a great view of the interior of the redesigned Ford Fiesta, but anyone familiar with the interior of the current car will likely feel right at home in the updated version. Judging by the photos, the touchscreen display and the dash bezel look identical to the previous version of the Fiesta.

You shouldn’t be surprised if the changes are limited to a revised layout of the controls in the center console, a redesigned steering wheel, and slightly more appealing interior panels.

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