Ford Maverick 2022: Comes With New Look

Ford Maverick is an iconic designation for Ford. Not only was it a compact rival to the Dodge Dart and Chevrolet Nova during the 1960s, but it was also a Nissan Patrol Y60 sold as Ford in Australia. In Spain and Europe, however, it is remembered as Ford’s version of the Nissan Terrano II. It was a fairly common car during the 1990s, as were the Terrano IIs on which it was based. The good news is that the Ford Maverick is back. And true to its spirit, it will change shape again: it will be a compact pick-up based on the Ford Bronco Sport.

There are already several photos of the new Ford Maverick leaked to the internet. They have been taken from Ford’s stamping line in Hermosillo, Mexico, and although they still have a considerable amount of camouflage, they do not leave much room for the imagination. Curiously, the leak comes from a stamped parts factory, a facility where cars are not assembled. Possibly we are looking at one of the first images of the final vehicle, and possibly quality tests and adjustment of the stamping panels were being done.

What is very clear is that the Ford Maverick is real, and it will be a key product for Ford on the other side of the pond. Although the Ford pick-up range already has the Ford Ranger and Ford F-150 – without forgetting all its older sisters – the orientation of the Maverick will be different. Unlike the Ranger or F-150, it will abandon the stringer chassis in favor of a monocoque platform. Knowing that the Mavericks share a platform with the Ford Bronco Sport, the use of a monocoque chassis is obvious. And in my opinion, it’s a great decision.

Ford could have built them on a modified Ranger platform, and the Mavericks would have had better cargo capacity, better off-road abilities, and greater rigidity. Although the monocoque is inferior in these aspects, we are talking about a vehicle oriented to less intense use, and to a large extent, playful. Also, a monohull will always be advantageous when it comes to lightness, which is vital today. Although it will have a correct load capacity and will defend itself off the asphalt, it will lack a gearbox and its 4×4 system will be of an intelligent type.

Ford Maverick 2022
Ford Maverick 2022

In other words, the rear axle will only receive power from the engine in the event of loss of grip. The Ford Maverick engines will be three and four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engines, mounted in a transverse front position. With this vehicle, a striking design, and a contained price, Ford will present itself with a tough rival for vehicles like the Honda Ridgeline. The “small” pick-up market is interesting, and we do not rule out its eventual arrival in Europe, as long as its emissions accompany it.

What is clear to us is that the SUV and pick-up market is more alive than ever. We will meet the new Ford Maverick throughout the next year 2021, although they may not be marketed until 2022.

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