Ford Mondeo 2022 Review, Price & All Details

The saloon market is changing. So much so that many models in this segment are either disappearing directly or being transformed. This is the case of the Ford Mondeo, which has long been warning that it will undergo a major revolution for its next-generation after the recent farewell to Europe from the current Mondeo. A revolution as was saying cause the successor Ford Mondeo to be present with unprecedented unique body crossover as Subaru Outback or new Citroen C5 X.

  • The new generation of Ford’s saloon will continue very much alive with a design inherited from the new Evos for China that you can already see
  • It will arrive under the same platform as the current Focus and Kuga and with turbo diesel and gasoline engines, three and four cylinders
  • His debut could already be a matter of weeks

Everything indicated that this future Mondeo, or successor to it, would be the one now known as Ford Evos, presented at the Shanghai Auto Show. However, the signature of the oval was quick to say that this model would be unique for China, thus ruling out that it was the expected replacement for the European Mondeo and the American Fusion.

However, our spies confirmed that despite everything a new Mondeo model is preparing for Europe and the United States, and after some appearances, a leak from China finally reveals the definitive appearance of a new generation of Ford Mondeo that will maintain the format Saloon alive, although with some changes.

2022 Ford Mondeo: All its details and aesthetic options exposed

These photos leaked through the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Chinese Government show us a sedan with an appearance very similar to that of that Evos, especially with a front that is practically identical to that of the new Chinese Ford, with the same stylish LED headlights. , the same grille is seen under a camo cloak, and the same fog lights. Only the lower entries seem to be betting on a different formula.

However, the rest of the car is presented with a much more conventional saloon body, with the traditional three volumes despite having a marked coupe rear and silhouette, with a roof drop that begins already at the B-pillar. The height also seems to have been lowered slightly compared to that of the Evos, at least at first glance, since the wheel arches or skirts now look in the same body color and look more uniform, giving, at least visually the feeling of being closer to the ground, abandoning his brother’s country touch along the way.

Ford Mondeo 2022

In any case, as we can see in the image that shows its different aesthetic options, there will be options for all tastes to accentuate its sporty appearance, including an unprecedented black roof with a sunroof included to leave a two-tone body. There will also be different options at the level of front and rear bumpers and side skirts with the possibility of choosing more pieces in a dark color, wheels, and even a spoiler can be installed to finish off its rear.

Another curious detail that is preserved from the prototypes is the presence of hidden door handles that seem to emerge when pressed as is the case with Tesla or Land Rover cars. In addition, in case there was any doubt, its rear shows the Mondeo name very large under its new horizontal LED line that joins both darkened pilots.

What remains a complete mystery is its interior, although it would not be unreasonable to imagine at this point that the innovative cockpit with which the Evos was presented in China, with its large panoramic touch screen that spanned the entire width of the dashboard, and its minimalist center console with a rotary automatic gear selector, will also be present in this new saloon.

A well-known platform

The fifth installment of the Mondeo is expected to use Ford’s front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive C2 platform, shared with the current Focus and the Escape midsize SUV, namely the Ford Kuga. As a result, our spies tell us that it will feature a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The latter would be justified in their presence to comply with strict European emissions regulations.

With these latest leaks it is already confirmed that, despite the rumors and discards, it seems that in the end despite everything the famous Ford saloon will continue to live for at least one more generation. His international debut could arrive in the next few months. We will be attentive to future news. Photos; Automoto

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