Ford Mondeo Evos: Uptated! First Look & Review

The large sedan segment is no longer successful. Ford is preparing to replace its own with a more trendy crossover SUV coupe called Mondeo Evos. A major revolution for the blue oval wagon, successfully launched in 1993, but now in decline.

Launched in 1993, the Ford Mondeo had great success in its first years of marketing. In 1997, 322,716 copies were sold in Europe. But today the family sedan is no longer successful: in 2019, the Mondeo IV sold less than 40,000 copies on the Old Continent,  sedan and station wagon combined. Ford, feeling the wind to change, thus prepares a model to replace it. This will be different from the current version, with a body that mixes genres.

The future generation of Mondeo will abandon the usual body of a notchback sedan for something more trendy: a ” crossover”  opting for a line halfway between a low sedan, 4-door coupe, station wagon, and SUV. Our colleagues from produced the first illustration from spy photos of the prototype crossed in the street.

Ford Mondeo fell below 40,000 units sold in Europe in 2019

A successful sedan when marketed in the 1990s, the Ford Mondeo has experienced a further decline over the years and generations. In 2010 it fell below 100,000 units sold, and in 2019 it did not reach 40,000 units.

Evos, the name of a concept from 2011

The Mondeo Evos (a name taken from the Evos concept presented in Frankfurt in 2011 and which prefigured the current Mondeo) seems close to the Mustang Mach-E on this 3D rendering. It sports a trapezoidal grille here flanked by a sporty look with a honeycomb-style grille. The headlights, very stretched, are connected above this grille by a thin chrome line, surmounted by the name Evos on a very worked hood. At the rear, the pronounced shoulders and the sloping coupe-like roofline are reminiscent of recent or future productions, such as the Renault Arkana or the Volkswagen ID.5.

Ford Mondeo Evos

Inside, the Ford Mondeo Evos will also change the mood with a dashboard with a huge screen spanning the entire width. An installation reminiscent of that of the Honda e or that of Mercedes called to evolve with the Hyperscreen from this year. The Ford will bring together the meters and the multimedia system on a large slab, as shown in the first image unearthed in China at the beginning of January.

Scheduled for late 2022, the Ford Mondeo Evos is based on the Focus and Kuga’s C2 platform, which would make it traction. However, the most powerful versions should be entitled to all-wheel drive. On the engine side, Ford should continue on the path of electrification with simple hybrids and plug-in hybrids,  while diesel could disappear as on the Fiesta recently.

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