New Ford Mustang Will Be Much More Difficult to Tune

The new Mustang will not allow unauthorized tuners to access its code to make modifications, which will make things difficult for those who want to increase its performance. The reason? It all has to do with security.

2024 Ford Mustang is one of the latest models available for lovers of American sports cars, as it maintains key features such as the V8 engine under the hood. However, it will be a problem for those who want to get more out of it with some adjustments, since it will be almost impossible for unauthorized trainers to modify it.

This has been pointed out by Ed Krenz, the Ford Mustang engine engineer, in statements to the Ford Authority. As he has mentioned, tuning or modifying the S650 generation of this model will be much more complicated than before, but he added that this is not the case because they try to prevent the car’s performance from being increased.

Specifically, Krenz has pointed to the electronic structure of Fully Networked Vehicles (FNV) as the main cause. This system is encrypted to protect any personal data of the driver in case of possible hacking. Thus, now it will be more difficult to access the sports software, although the objective is not to collect data.

This does not mean that it will be impossible to cross that barrier, yes, but that possibility has also been considered. Therefore, the system is designed to reduce some functions of the Mustang or even turn it off completely if unauthorized access to the vehicle code is detected.

2024 Ford Mustang

The Mustang can be modified, but only by authorized tuners

Now, does this mean that all cars will have to maintain their production specifications? Not exactly, as there will still be the possibility to replace engine components. In addition, adjustments to components such as the control unit may also be carried out, but only if authorized by Ford.

Thus, hopefully, anyone who wants to modify their Ford Mustang in this way will have to do so through one of the company’s authorized tuners. This is the only way to avoid this security lock by the system and the driver’s information, in principle, will continue to be perfectly protected.

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