Ford Mustang will be 100% electric in 2028

On September 14, Ford will reveal the seventh generation of the Mustang, one of the most successful sports cars of all time and a true myth of the North American industry. The long-awaited pony car, which will continue to be available in Fastback and Cabrio bodies, will remain a global model, so it will be sold in Europe.

Although for a time it was rumored that for the first time it would be available with a hybrid engine, industry sources indicate that it will finally remain faithful to internal combustion engines without electrification. This is apparently because the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV offsets the emissions of its coupe sibling.

However, those same sources point out that this will be the last thermal Mustang: the eighth generation, which will hit the market much earlier than expected, will become electric. And it is that the seventh generation Mustang, unlike the first (1964-1973), third (1978-1993), fourth (1993-2004), fifth (2004-2014), and sixth (2014-2023), will have an exceptionally short commercial life.

The electric Ford Mustang will launch in 2028, so the seventh-generation model will only be on the market for five years. This will allow the oval firm to continue selling it in markets such as Europe, where strict emissions regulations will probably doom the thermal Mustang from 2027.

Ford could turn Mustang into a sub-brand

We must remember that starting in 2030, Ford will only sell 100% electric cars in the European market, so the transformation of the Mustang into a zero-emission model makes all the sense in the world. Also, rivals like Dodge will ditch combustion engines in their muscle cars much sooner (the electric Dodge Charger will launch in 2024).

Ford Mustang

It is not ruled out that Ford ends up turning Mustang into a sub-brand since the success of the Mach-E is currently undeniable. Thus, rumors suggest that later the range could be completed with a 100% electric Mustang sedan, which would replace the missing Fusion and Mondeo in the United States and Europe respectively.

Both the electric Mustang and its sedan sibling should share a platform with the second-generation Mach-E, which will use an evolved version of the current GE1 architecture. On a technical level, the Mustang family will be one step above the rest of Ford’s electric range, competing directly against premium brands.

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