Ford raises F-150 Lightning prices again

When Ford announced the suggested prices for the F-150 Lightning, it posted a figure of less than $40,000, which was already a bit high compared to other F-150s, but reasonable considering what you got for it. On the occasion of the new 2023 range, Ford inflated prices in August, from 6,000 to 8,500 dollars more than they were.

This time, it is the basic model that receives another price increase due to the pressure on the manufacturer to obtain the necessary materials, especially batteries, given the high price of raw materials to make them. As of now, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, the access version, stays at $53,769, including transportation ($1,795).

As of May 2021, the pricing for this model was $39,974 MSRP. Last August the rate for the Pro model increased to $46,974. Therefore, the rate increases concerning August by 6,795 dollars, to add to the 7,000 dollars that rose then. In total, the price increase reaches 13,795 bucks. A song.

Only those who have already placed their order at the factory and with the fixed price will get rid of the price difference.

But one must also not consider that Ford Motor Company has the devil on its board of directors, Rivian also had to inflate prices, and Tesla, the day it manufactures its Cybertruck, will not be able to respect the rates announced in November 2019. Plain and simple, it is impossible. The prices of batteries are and will continue to be very high because everyone wants them “at once” and the supply chain is not giving for more.

Ford F-150 Lightning

The rest of the F-150 Lightning lineup stays as is, but there could be changes. Either that or the rest of the versions already contemplate the stake in the MSRP. From a certain point of view, it does not seem like the best time in life to buy an electric F-150, because when all this happens, it could be had for much less.

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