Ford Ranger 2023: Spy shot of the Off-Road model

Our spy photographers have managed to capture two prototypes that seem to correspond to an unprecedented off-road variant of the future generation of Ford Ranger. So we can be before the first copies of the future Ford Ranger Tremor or Ranger FX4.

Development of the new generation Ford Ranger is nearing completion, as evidenced by the frequency with which the latest prototype sightings of the model are occurring. On this occasion, we find two very relevant and striking specimens that have been hunted near the company’s facilities in Dearborn, as they have several visible novelties and also seem to be related to some of the country-style variants of the pick-up. up.

The main novelty of this sighting is undoubtedly the new camouflage configuration that one of these prototypes carries, which dispenses with the vinyl with which we had become used to seeing these test units of the new Ford Ranger 2023 to release some colored canvases black. It is evident that under this great load of camouflage hides a specimen equipped with the complete and final configuration of the size pick-up since these tarps hide practically everything.

Ford Ranger 2023 Off-road

Although the camouflage does not adhere to the bodywork, the unit covered with black canvases also has camouflage on the underbody, at the height of the rear axle, designed to hide the new configuration of the suspension scheme. This is precisely another of the novelties since the prototype has been hunted while rolling alongside a copy of the current Ford Ranger Tremor, with which it bears many similarities. Which has made us think that this prototype could correspond to the new Ranger Tremor version of the next generation.

Ford Ranger 2023

However, although the ground clearance and suspension configuration appear to be similar to that of the Tremor example that also appears in this series of spy photos, the truth is that the prototype’s wheelset is somewhat narrower, so we may find ourselves before a prototype of the Ranger FX4. Another version of off-road character and aesthetics but with a less aggressive configuration than the Tremor variant. Although in the Australian market we can find a Ranger FX4 MAX version that is very similar to the American Tremor.

Ford Ranger 2023

The other prototype sighted has a practically identical frame configuration and the same set of wheels, but curiously it has the black and white vinyl camouflage that we have seen in previous prototypes of the model. For now, we cannot be sure when this new generation of Ford Ranger will be presented, but it is expected to hit the market as a 2023 model.

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