Ford reopens F-150 Lightning orders

The American electric pick-up can now be reordered from the factory and faces some changes. At the moment it is the best seller in its category, as Ford has delivered more than 4,400 units of the F-150 Lightning to customers in the United States since May, far ahead of Rivian, which began manufacturing the R1T pick-up months earlier. As expected, the new orders go with a price increase, the first in a year and a bit.

The entire 2023 range becomes more expensive from 6,000 to 8,500 dollars, depending on the version, due to the increase in the costs of materials and components. Ford clarifies that the orders already formalized are not affected by the price increase, and there will be special treatment for those who could not place their order before for reasons attributable to Ford itself.

Ford stopped accepting reservations at 200,000, and those reservations are slowly being transformed into factory orders.

Thus, the basic Pro model starts at $46,974, $7,000 more than before. The most expensive version, Platinum Extended Range, stays at $96,874, $6,000 more. In return, the equipment has improved. For example, the basic version already has electrically heated seats, and one of the consequences is that the EPA gives it 240 miles of autonomy, or 386 kilometers, a gain of 16 km.

The most important novelty affects those who use its towing capacity since the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist (which comes with the Tow Technology Package ) greatly simplifies driving with a trailer by intervening in the direction, the accelerator, and the brakes. According to Ford, it is an industry first (industrial first), and they should refer to American pick-ups because brands like Audi have already offered something similar for a long time.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Another interesting novelty, although not for individuals, is the special Ford Pro Special Service Vehicle package, which incorporates ultra-resistant seats (like those used by the police), a steel separation screen, and the possibility of adding lights to the roof. It is an exclusive option for fleets, which includes police vehicles.

Other than that, little a few changes. Two new colors are added to the range, Avalanche Gray and Azure Gray (tri-layer metallic), although Atlas BlueIce Blue Silver, and Smoked Quartz Metallic are dropped from the 2023 range. Consequently, the Ford F-150 Lightning is available in 10 body colors.

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