General Motors wants more electric SUVs

General Motors does not want to “arrive late to the party” and will launch an electric SUV to compete with the Ford Bronco. The North American conglomerate will put on the market a new electric SUV to rival the current Ford Bronco. This has been confirmed by  Mark Reuss, president of General Motors, in a recent interview with  The Drive.

The successful arrival of the Ford Bronco as a “passionate” SUV has made many brands reconsider the launch of models of this cut. Companies like Mercedes-Benz are already aiming to develop an electric car located below the electric G-Class  (future EQG) to face the alternative of the blue oval. General Motors will also join this car, although taking an important step forward to differentiate itself from its direct competition

Among its main features will be its mechanics, which will be 100% electric, unlike other competitors. The model that Mercedes-Benz will sell will have both electric and hybrid alternatives, and the Ford Bronco, for now, is only marketed with thermal engines. Others, like the Jeep Wrangler, have a plug-in hybrid version, but still do not have a “zero emissions” variant.

Why won’t General Motors launch an SUV with gasoline or hybrid alternatives?  Simply, for the fact of “not being late to the party”. The manager assumes that this model will not arrive soon, so developing thermal alternatives could mean a delay in its arrival along with the consequent gradual disappearance of these mechanics. For this reason, they will opt exclusively for a 100% electric model.

In addition, this future electric SUV could adopt the electrical mechanics of other models that General Motors has already presented and that will begin marketing soon, such as the Chevrolet Blazer EV or the Cadillac Lyriq, for example. All the rumors suggest that it would also use the same platform as these, called Ultium, or some specific variant of it. Everything indicates that this next model will come through the Hummer brand, which will be an alternative of smaller size, cost, and specifications for the Herculean Hummer EV.

GMC Hummer EV

Will we see this car in Europe?  The data and indications suggest that this will be the case. In the Old Continent, the future SUV from Mercedes-Benz will be sold, as well as the Ford Bronco itself or the plug-in hybrid alternative to the Jeep Wrangler; all of them are its main rivals, so an affirmative answer to this question seems entirely reasonable.

To this is added the fact that  General Motors will return to Europe throughout the next year 2025  with brands such as Chevrolet or Cadillac; they could also bring some units of the Hummer EV, although to a lesser extent. In addition, this future SUV will enter fully into the possible models to sell on this side of the pond, since it will be fully electric, an unavoidable condition for the next expansion of General Motors to other markets beyond North American.

At the moment there is no known date of arrival or presentation. However, through the comments made by Mark Reuss, it is possible that the first data in this regard will not begin to be known until the last years of this decade, being able to start sales shortly before the beginning of the next. 

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