General Motors will follow in the footsteps of Tesla

Like Tesla, General Motors will be the second company and the first automotive group to carry out this movement, which will not convince most users. General Motors confirmed its arrival in Europe along with a range of fully electric models. Among its main brands will be Chevrolet and Cadillac, but it was also rumored about the possibility that we could see a Hummer on the Old Continent. However, all this good news has been diminished by last-minute information that they have published from Automotive NewsGM electric cars will not have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in their infotainment systems.

For those who don’t know exactly what Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are, these are two wireless or cable connections that connect the user’s smartphone to the vehicle itself. This allows the manufacturer’s native system to be bypassed in favor of the one designed by Apple or Google (Android). This is something that most brands already include in their new models, although some still resist its adoption.

Brands like Tesla or Rivian, for example, have already followed a path similar to this, justifying themselves with the fact that their central system does not require a mobile connection because it is already good enough. In recent years, the voices that have requested a connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the electric cars of these North American manufacturers have increased, however, it seems that the decision made by the Elon Musk brand will be joined by many other companies.

Why will General Motors copy this path of not including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its electric cars? From the company, they defend that its information and entertainment systems receive a significant economic amount in investments and hours of work from their engineers. Added to this is the fact that the North American conglomerate has partnered with Google for the development of its new software system, which, ironically, is the owner of Android.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV interior

For this reason, the decision will mainly affect Apple and its users. Future General Motors electric cars, despite not having the Android Auto system, will incorporate Google’s applications, such as Google Maps or Google Assistant, which will be fully integrated into the manufacturer’s ecosystem, as well as other very important external services. popular, like Spotify, for example. However, Apple and its apps will disappear entirely from General Motors’ zero-emission vehicles.

Not only have they made this decision public, but they have also pointed out directly which will be the first electric model to carry out this initiative. The way to completely remove the entire Apple footprint, and to some extent, the Android Auto connection, will be the Chevrolet Blazer. An electric SUV that competes with the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-e, and that is positioned as one of the great favorites to reach Europe.

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