Here is Nissan’s plan to conquer the electric car market

Taking advantage of the opening of the Los Angeles Motor Show, the Japanese brand presents a daring program with which it hopes to attract many electric car customers. The Nissan Carefree+ package offers many benefits.

In its day, long ago, Nissan conquered the global electric market with its first global creation: the Nissan LEAF. The Japanese were pioneers in an industry in which all brands fight today. Offering something different from the rest is essential, although it is more important to provide guarantees to buyers. The Nissan Carefree+ plan seeks to achieve that goal. It is a comprehensive aid package that will give buyers more confidence to switch to electric mobility.

Nissan presented it on the opening day of the Los Angeles Motor Show, along with its new creation, the Nissan Ariya. From the beginning, the Japanese have always sought solutions to allow a more comfortable transition for customers. In the LEAF era, buyers could count on a thermal Nissan Qashqai completely free for two weeks a year, especially advantageous for summer holidays or for any other solution they needed. Today, with the long-range Ariya, that problem is already solved, but even so, Nissan has sought a new formula of confidence.

Called Carefree+, the program has different lines of action: charging assistance, maintenance, warranty, and roadside assistance. The usual thing is that the brands provide confidence in one of the fields, offering help in one or two fields, but the four at the same time had not been given before. Nissan has already announced that all Ariya and LEAF customers will benefit from the package of measures, although in the case of the compact the advantages will not be as extensive.

Nissan Carefree
Nissan Carefree+

Within the maintenance section,  Nissan proposes to include any revision within three years or 58,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first. All services will be carried out in official and certified centers for electric vehicles. Said maintenance also includes the tires, which is more particular if possible. Nissan will not be responsible for repairs or damage caused by misuse or negligence, but the usual official review periods will. To this, we must add the battery warranty. The Japanese promise a guarantee of 8 years or 160,000 kilometers, although the insured load index has not been specified.

As for assistance packages, the first focuses on on-road travel. Owners will be covered 24/7, including towing service. Coverage includes three years or 58,000 kilometers from purchase. In this way, customers will be able to save on these services in their insurance policies, at least during the first years of the car’s life. This measure is especially important in the United States where many insurances do not include this option and sometimes involve a high outlay.

Last, and perhaps most important, is charging assistance. With buyers and renters in mind, Nissan will offer free loads for an entire year for Ariya buyers, while LEAF customers will get a $100 load credit. For this solution, Nissan has collaboration with the EVgo network. For domestic charging facilities, the Japanese have partnered with Wallbox, including the domestic point completely free of charge. For now, the package of measures will only be effective in the United States, although the brand has already announced that it hopes to expand its offer to more markets, including Europe.

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