HiPhi Z: First Details of Radical Electric Crossover

The Chinese brand HiPhi, belonging to Human Horizons, presented its first model, the X crossover, in 2020. One of the most striking features of this peculiar electric vehicle is its rear doors divided into two sections (the lower area has an opening to reverse, while the upper one has a gull-wing type scheme, which facilitates access to the second and third row of seats).

In its most capable version, the HiPhi X is equipped with a 96 kWh capacity battery pack, which allows it to announce a range of 630 km under the Chinese homologation cycle. Last year, the company delivered 4,237 units of this model in its home market, beating rivals such as the Porsche Taycan in the premium sector along the way.

Now, the Asian firm has presented what will become the second member of its lineup, the HiPhi Z, a model even more radical in its approach than the HiPhi X whose debut is scheduled for the next Chengdu Motor Show, to be held in August. The first deliveries will take place in autumn.

The HiPhi Z, like its brother, is very difficult to classify into a single category, so we could also consider it a crossover. Conceived as a grand tourer of the future, this statuesque car combines features of a sports saloon, a shooting brake estate, and even a full-scale hatchback. To a certain extent, it is reminiscent of proposals such as the Zeekr 001.

The HiPhi Z will cost $89,000.

HiPhi Z interior

The aesthetic language of the Z is much more radical than that of the X, something that is clear if we take a look at the front, featuring vertical headlamps that are reminiscent (apart from the distance) of those of the Lamborghini Veneno, as well as an active radiator grille. which automatically syncs with the rear spoiler to adjust aerodynamics.

The angular sideline is sculpted, while the rear quickly brings to mind the Hyundai IONIQ 6, both from the presence of a double spoiler and the strip-shaped taillights running from side to side. The body has 4,066 LEDs that light up interactively, and the doors integrate a band capable of recognizing passengers and welcoming them.

The most eye-catching gadget in the cabin is an AI-controlled arm-shaped assistant, the HiPhi Bot, which uses lighting, touch, sounds, and smells to communicate with passengers. The vehicle will also integrate the HiPhi Pilot autonomous driving system, which combines an NVIDIA Orin X chip and the QNX Neutrino operating system with a battery of 34 sensors (including LiDAR).

HiPhi Z interior

The HiPhi Z will be available in rear-wheel drive (300 hp, 410 Nm) and total (600 hp, 820 Nm) versions, being capable of completing 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds in its most powerful variant. Since it will be a car of more than five meters, it will have a system of steering rear wheels (up to 13.2º) that will allow it to improve its maneuverability and agility. Its 120 kWh battery pack will give it a maximum range of 705 km CLTC, and its rates will be between $89,000 and $129,000.

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