Honda Civic 2022: First Look & New Details

The eleventh generation initially appears as a sedan for North America

After the presentation of a near-series prototype a few weeks ago, which heralded the arrival of the eleventh generation of the Honda Civic, the Japanese company has now officially presented the new Civic. As you can see in the photos, the production model looks practically the same.

But it is (even if you don’t notice it at first glance) the classic notchback sedan for the North American market. In the USA, the Honda Civic is one of the best-selling cars. 

Aesthetically, the eleventh generation of the Honda Civic abandons the sharp, angular lines of the previous model in favor of a less hectic, “lighter” design. Overall, the Civic is becoming more restrained, especially in this sedan version with a separate trunk. A hatchback model will soon be presented for the European market.

The interior of the new Honda Civic mirrors the aesthetics of the exterior, with a much simpler and higher quality cockpit. Honda says the new Civic is more spacious and comfortable, with extra attention paid to build quality.

Honda Civic 2022

The dashboard is divided into two parts by a metallic honeycomb strip that creates a visual separation between the screen and the physical climate control elements. This bar also covers the air intakes and gives the interior a more streamlined look.

Honda Civic 2022 Interior

Honda Civic 2022 Interior

In terms of technology, the new Honda Civic is available with a partially digital 7-inch instrument cluster, while the top version has a fully digital 10.2-inch system. The central touchscreen, which you can use to control the infotainment system, has a 7-inch version with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a 9-inch version with better graphics quality and the option of using Apple CarPlay wirelessly.

As an option, but in the top version as standard, we also find an audio system with 12 speakers and a smartphone induction charging function. In terms of safety, the new Honda Civic is equipped with front airbags that have been redesigned to reduce brain trauma in the event of an accident.

Honda Civic 2022

The new Honda Civic is also equipped with numerous driver assistance systems that take advantage of a new wide-angle front camera. These include traffic jam assistants, adaptive cruise control, and partially automated driving at low speeds.

In addition to thorough work on the design part, the brand’s engineers also focused on the dynamics. The chassis offers 8 and 13 percent more torsional and flexural rigidity than the previous model, among other things through the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and steel.

Honda Civic 2022

The new Honda Civic has a 3.5 cm longer wheelbase and a 1.27 cm wider rear track than the previous generation. The total length increases by three centimeters. Changes that increase its stability and driving dynamics also include the updated McPherson front suspension with new ball joints that reduce friction and the new electronic power steering set-up that ensures better straight-line stability.

Honda Civic 2022


As for the engines, the new Honda Civic is available in North America with two petrol engines. The first is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder without turbo, which makes 160 hp and 187 Nm of torque. The second is a small, supercharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 182 hp and 240 Nm of torque. Both engines are combined with the well-known CVT transmission.

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